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Guide To San Francisco Pride 2019


by Arleyne Rubino



Welcome to San Francisco Pride 2019, one of the most iconic and vibrant LGBTQ+ celebrations in the United States. Held annually in the heart of the city, this event brings together people from all walks of life to commemorate the progress made in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, and to celebrate love, diversity, and equality.


San Francisco Pride has a rich history dating back to the 1970s, when a small group of brave individuals organized the first pride march in response to the Stonewall uprising in New York City. Since then, the event has grown exponentially and has become a symbol of acceptance and resilience for the LGBTQ+ community.


With its colorful parades, lively performances, and a multitude of community events, San Francisco Pride continues to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. Whether you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or simply want to show your support, this is an event that should not be missed.


This article serves as your comprehensive guide to San Francisco Pride 2019, providing you with all the information you need to make the most of your experience. From the dates and location of the event to the exciting lineup of performances and activities, we’ve got you covered.


So, get ready to immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of San Francisco Pride 2019, as we take you on a journey through this remarkable celebration of love, identity, and solidarity.


History of San Francisco Pride

The history of San Francisco Pride is deeply intertwined with the LGBTQ+ rights movement and the city’s vibrant queer culture. In 1970, just one year after the historic Stonewall riots in New York City, San Francisco held its first pride march, making it one of the earliest pride events in the world.


The origins of San Francisco Pride can be traced back to the efforts of community activists like Harvey Milk, a prominent gay rights advocate and politician who was tragically assassinated in 1978. Milk’s election to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors marked a significant milestone for LGBTQ+ representation and activism.


Over the years, San Francisco Pride has grown from a small grassroots march into a massive celebration that attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the globe. The event has become an opportunity to honor the progress made in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights while also highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by the community.


Beyond its political significance, San Francisco Pride is also a testament to the city’s diverse and inclusive culture. Known for its thriving LGBTQ+ community, the city has been a haven for queer individuals since the early 20th century. The Castro neighborhood, in particular, has served as the epicenter of San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ culture, playing a vital role in the development of the city’s pride celebrations.


Throughout the years, San Francisco Pride has witnessed numerous historic moments. In 1994, the event hosted the first wedding expo for same-sex couples, long before marriage equality became the law of the land. In 2004, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officiated over 4,000 same-sex marriages, a move that ignited a nationwide discussion on marriage equality.


Today, San Francisco Pride stands as a beacon of hope and a symbol of solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community. It continues to be an important platform for advocacy, education, and celebration, providing a safe and inclusive space for people to express their identities and amplify their voices.


As we delve into the details of San Francisco Pride 2019, it is essential to acknowledge and honor the rich history that has shaped this remarkable event. From its humble beginnings to its present-day significance, San Francisco Pride remains a testament to the resilience and strength of the LGBTQ+ community.


Dates and Location of San Francisco Pride 2019

San Francisco Pride 2019 is scheduled to take place on the weekend of June 29th and 30th. The festivities will kick off on Saturday with the highly anticipated parade, followed by two days of celebrations, performances, and community events.


The heart of San Francisco Pride lies in the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ neighborhood, the Castro. This iconic neighborhood has been a historic center of queer culture and activism, and it serves as a fitting backdrop for the festivities.


The parade, which is the highlight of San Francisco Pride, will take place on Sunday, June 30th. The parade route stretches for 1.5 miles and winds its way through the heart of the city. Beginning at Market Street and Beale Street, the parade will proceed down Market Street towards Civic Center Plaza, where it will culminate in a grand celebration.


In addition to the parade, the celebrations will also take place at various venues and public spaces throughout the city. The heart of the action will be at the Civic Center Plaza, where the main stages and performances will be held. This central location provides ample space for attendees to gather, connect, and enjoy the festivities.


It’s important to note that San Francisco Pride is a family-friendly event, and there will be activities and spaces dedicated to young attendees and their families. These family and youth zones offer a safe and inclusive environment for children and parents to engage with the spirit of pride.


Furthermore, San Francisco Pride embraces accessibility and ensures that the event is welcoming to individuals with disabilities. The layout of the event incorporates accessible pathways, viewing areas, and restrooms, as well as sign language interpretation services for those with hearing impairments.


As the dates draw near, it’s important to stay tuned to the official San Francisco Pride website and social media channels for any updates or changes regarding the event schedule and locations. San Francisco Pride is a dynamic and evolving celebration, and keeping informed will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the exciting activities and performances.


So mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and equality at San Francisco Pride 2019. It’s a weekend you won’t want to miss!


Getting to San Francisco Pride

Attending San Francisco Pride is an exciting and memorable experience, but navigating transportation and getting to the event can be a challenge. Here are some useful tips to help you arrive at San Francisco Pride with ease.


If you’re traveling from within San Francisco, using public transportation is highly recommended. The city’s extensive public transit system, including buses, trains, and trams, can help you reach the parade route and event venues conveniently. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and Muni are the two main public transportation options in the city. Make sure to check their schedules and plan your journey in advance to avoid any delays or confusion.


If you’re driving to San Francisco Pride, it’s important to plan your parking in advance. Parking availability can be limited during the event, so consider using parking garages or parking structures in the vicinity of the parade route and event venues. Some garages offer discounted rates for event attendees, so be sure to check for any special offers.


Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft can be a convenient option for getting to San Francisco Pride. They offer drop-off and pick-up locations near the parade route and event venues, making it easy for you to arrive and depart from the festivities. Just keep in mind that demand for rides may be high during the event, so it’s a good idea to request a ride well in advance.


For those who prefer to bike, San Francisco is known for its bike-friendly infrastructure. You can navigate the city’s bike lanes and paths to reach the parade route and event locations. Additionally, San Francisco Pride offers dedicated bike parking areas near the festivities, ensuring that your bike is safe while you enjoy the celebrations.


If you’re traveling from outside of San Francisco, consider flying into one of the city’s airports – San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or Oakland International Airport (OAK). Both airports are well-connected to downtown San Francisco via public transportation options like BART or through ridesharing services.


When planning your journey to San Francisco Pride, it’s important to consider the potential for heavy traffic and crowds. Allow for extra travel time, especially if you’re attending the parade or any of the main performances. Taking an early arrival approach will ensure that you have ample time to find parking, secure a good spot at the parade, and immerse yourself in the festivities.


By planning your transportation in advance and staying informed about any updates or changes in the transportation options, you can make getting to San Francisco Pride a hassle-free experience. Remember to check the official San Francisco Pride website and social media channels for the latest information on transportation and parking.


So, get ready to make your way to San Francisco Pride and join thousands of attendees in celebrating love, equality, and the vibrant LGBTQ+ community!


San Francisco Pride Events

San Francisco Pride is renowned for its diverse and exciting lineup of events, catering to a wide range of interests and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. From the iconic parade to a variety of performances, cultural spaces, and community activities, here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect at San Francisco Pride 2019.


The highlight of San Francisco Pride is undoubtedly the parade. This vibrant procession features a colorful array of floats, marching bands, community groups, and elaborate costumes. The parade kicks off the festivities on Sunday and winds its way through the heart of the city, creating a spectacle of unity and celebration. As the floats pass by, expect cheers, music, and an infectious energy that permeates the crowd.


Throughout the weekend, several main stages host a lineup of incredible performances by renowned artists and local talent. From live music to drag performers and dance troupes, the stages come alive with entertainment that showcases the incredible creativity and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.


San Francisco Pride also features community and cultural spaces where attendees can explore different aspects of LGBTQ+ history, art, and activism. These spaces serve as a platform for engaging conversations, workshops, and exhibits that promote education and awareness. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich queer culture and learn about the many contributions of the LGBTQ+ community.


Food and drinks play an essential role in any festival, and San Francisco Pride is no exception. There are plenty of food vendors offering a wide range of delicious options to satisfy your appetite. From food trucks serving gourmet treats to vendors offering international cuisines, you’ll find something for every taste bud as you navigate through the festivities.


San Francisco Pride is a family-friendly event, and there are dedicated activities and spaces for children and youth. These spaces provide a safe and inclusive environment for young attendees and their families to celebrate pride together. Make sure to check out the family and youth zones for fun activities, games, and entertainment that cater specifically to younger participants.


Additionally, San Francisco Pride goes beyond entertainment and celebration. It is an opportunity to support and connect with LGBTQ+ organizations and causes. Throughout the event, you’ll find information booths and opportunities to learn about and contribute to various nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups that work tirelessly to support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community.


With its diverse range of events and activities, San Francisco Pride offers something for everyone. It is a chance to come together, celebrate, and reaffirm the importance of love, acceptance, and equality. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the incredible lineup of events at San Francisco Pride 2019.


Parade Route and Time

The San Francisco Pride Parade is the centerpiece of the festivities, drawing in a massive crowd of LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. Each year, the parade follows a designated route that winds through the heart of the city, creating a vibrant display of diversity, love, and acceptance.


In 2019, the San Francisco Pride Parade will take place on Sunday, June 30th. The parade is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m., so it’s important to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot along the route. The excitement and energy build up as the parade progresses, so being present from the beginning ensures that you don’t miss any of the action.


The parade route stretches for 1.5 miles, beginning at Market Street and Beale Street. From there, it proceeds west on Market Street, passing through iconic neighborhoods such as the Castro and Civic Center, and concludes at the civic center plaza.


As the parade progresses, you’ll witness a dazzling array of floats, marching bands, community organizations, and performers making their way down the route. The colorful displays, vibrant costumes, and enthusiastic participants create an atmosphere of joy and celebration that is truly infectious.


One of the highlights of the parade is the contingent of grand marshals who lead the procession. These grand marshals are chosen based on their significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and serve as role models and inspirations for others. Their presence adds a sense of honor and distinction to the parade.


The parade not only serves as a celebration but also as a platform for activism and advocacy. Many community organizations and LGBTQ+ rights groups participate in the parade, using it as an opportunity to raise awareness about important issues and share their messages of equality and inclusion.


It’s important to note that the parade route can get crowded, especially in popular viewing areas. To ensure a great experience, consider bringing water, snacks, and sunscreen, as well as comfortable shoes for walking and standing. Additionally, be mindful of the people around you and respect the space of fellow attendees.


Whether you watch the parade from the beginning, join in along the route, or find a spot near the end, the energy and excitement of the San Francisco Pride Parade will surround you. It is a truly awe-inspiring event that brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate love, diversity, and the incredible progress made in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.


So mark your calendars, prepare your rainbow flags, and get ready to witness the magic of the San Francisco Pride Parade as it bursts through the streets of this iconic city.


Main Stages and Performances

San Francisco Pride is known for its electrifying lineup of performances that take place on various stages throughout the weekend. From legendary artists to emerging talents, the main stages feature a diverse range of performers who are sure to captivate and entertain.


The heart of the action is at the Civic Center Plaza, where the main stages are located. This sprawling outdoor venue provides ample space for attendees to gather and enjoy the performances. The energy at the main stages is infectious, as crowds come together to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and revel in the spirit of pride.


Among the main stages is the Main Stage, which hosts some of the most anticipated acts of the weekend. From live music to dance performances, this stage showcases a mix of genres and styles. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop, or electronic music, you’ll find something to groove to at the Main Stage.


The Community Stage is another key spot to catch incredible performances. This stage highlights the talents of local artists, community groups, and LGBTQ+ activists who showcase their artistry and share their stories. The Community Stage offers a platform for diverse voices and celebrates the richness of the LGBTQ+ community.


In addition to the Main Stage and the Community Stage, there may be other stages or performance areas dedicated to specific themes or genres. These stages may feature drag performances, spoken word poetry, comedy acts, and more. Keep an eye on the official San Francisco Pride website for updates on the lineup and performance schedules.


One of the highlights of San Francisco Pride is the presence of renowned headliners and celebrity performers. In the past, iconic artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Cyndi Lauper have graced the stages with their powerful performances. The headlining acts are usually announced closer to the event, creating anticipation and excitement as attendees eagerly await the lineup.


Aside from headlining acts, there are also opportunities for local LGBTQ+ performers to share their talent on the main stages. San Francisco’s vibrant queer arts scene ensures that the performances are engaging, unique, and representative of the city’s diverse creative community.


Attending the performances at the main stages is a chance to witness incredible artistry, embrace the power of music and dance, and connect with the energy and spirit of San Francisco Pride. Get ready to dance, sing along, and be moved by the performances that celebrate love, acceptance, and the LGBTQ+ community.


Whether you’re a fan of live music, dance, spoken word, or drag performances, there’s something for everyone at the main stages of San Francisco Pride. So make sure to check the schedules, plan your day accordingly, and get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional talent and unforgettable moments.


Community and Cultural Spaces

In addition to the exciting performances and vibrant parade, San Francisco Pride also offers a variety of community and cultural spaces that showcase the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ history, art, and activism. These spaces provide a platform for education, engagement, and celebration within the larger event.


One of the key community spaces at San Francisco Pride is the LGBTQ+ Community Village. Here, attendees can explore interactive exhibits, connect with local organizations, and learn about the important work being done by LGBTQ+ advocacy groups. This village serves as a hub of information, activism, and support, allowing individuals to deepen their understanding of and involvement in the LGBTQ+ community.


Cultural spaces are an integral part of San Francisco Pride, highlighting the diverse backgrounds, identities, and talents within the LGBTQ+ community. These spaces celebrate and honor the unique contributions of different racial and ethnic groups, ensuring that the pride celebrations are inclusive and representative.


From the Latinx Community Space to the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Community Space, each cultural space offers an opportunity to experience the art, music, and traditions of specific communities. These spaces provide a safe and welcoming environment where attendees can engage in conversations about intersectionality, allyship, and the shared experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Another significant cultural space at San Francisco Pride is the Devry Community Stage, which showcases performances by LGBTQ+ artists from various genres, including music, dance, theater, and spoken word poetry. This stage celebrates creativity and is a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and express their unique perspectives.


San Francisco Pride also seeks to create spaces that are specific to individual identities and experiences. For instance, the Transgender Pride Stage provides a platform for transgender and non-binary individuals to share their stories and celebrate their identities. This stage highlights the unique challenges and resilience of the transgender community, fostering understanding, empathy, and empowerment.


These community and cultural spaces at San Francisco Pride serve as reminders of the progress made in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, and the work that still lies ahead. They provide an opportunity for attendees to engage in meaningful conversations, build connections, and deepen their understanding of the diverse LGBTQ+ community.


Make sure to explore these spaces during your time at San Francisco Pride. Engage with the exhibitors, attend workshops and panel discussions, and appreciate the art and performances on display. These spaces celebrate the rich history and resilience of LGBTQ+ individuals and honor the contributions of countless activists and community members who have paved the way for greater acceptance and equality.


San Francisco Pride’s community and cultural spaces are a powerful reminder that pride is not just about a single event or celebration, but about recognizing and supporting the diverse experiences and identities that make up the LGBTQ+ community.


Food and Vendors

No festival is complete without delicious food and unique vendors, and San Francisco Pride delivers on both fronts. The event offers a wide array of food options and a bustling marketplace, ensuring that attendees can satisfy their cravings and find unique items to commemorate the celebration.


Food vendors at San Francisco Pride offer a diverse range of cuisines to cater to every palate. From international flavors to classic street food, you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds. Explore the various food trucks and stalls throughout the event to sample gourmet delicacies, mouthwatering desserts, and refreshing beverages.


Vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful at San Francisco Pride, reflecting the inclusive nature of the event. Whether you’re a dedicated herbivore or simply looking to try something new, you’ll find plenty of plant-based dishes that are both tasty and satisfying.


While exploring the food offerings, take a moment to appreciate the dedication of the vendors who bring their culinary creations to the event. Many vendors are local businesses or LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft. Support these vendors and get a taste of the city’s vibrant food scene.


In addition to food, the marketplace at San Francisco Pride offers a wide variety of vendors selling unique products, artwork, pride merchandise, and more. Whether you’re looking for a rainbow flag to proudly wave or a piece of handmade jewelry, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye.


Supporting vendors at San Francisco Pride is not just an opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind items, but also a chance to support small businesses and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. By shopping at the marketplace, you’re contributing to the community and helping to sustain these individuals and their creative endeavors.


When venturing through the food and vendor areas, keep in mind that it can get crowded, especially during peak hours. Take your time, explore the different offerings, and be prepared to wait in line for popular food stands or sought-after merchandise.


It’s also worth noting that some vendors and food stands may accept cash only, so it’s a good idea to bring some cash with you. However, many vendors also accept card payments, so it’s always good to have options. ATMs are usually available on-site, but they may have long queues, so plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.


Indulging in the food and exploring the marketplace at San Francisco Pride adds to the overall experience of the event. Take the opportunity to savor diverse flavors, discover unique treasures, and support local businesses and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who play a vital role in the community.


So don’t forget to come hungry and ready to shop at San Francisco Pride – a celebration of love, unity, and delicious treats!


Family and Youth Activities

San Francisco Pride is a family-friendly event that embraces and celebrates people of all ages. The organizers recognize the importance of creating an inclusive and safe environment for families and youth to participate in the festivities and engage with the LGBTQ+ community.


Throughout the weekend, there are dedicated spaces and activities designed specifically for families and youth attending San Francisco Pride. These areas provide a range of interactive experiences and entertainment that cater to a younger audience.


The Family Garden is a great starting point for families attending the event. This area offers a safe and inclusive space where children and parents can engage in activities, games, and crafts. From face painting to storytelling sessions, the Family Garden provides ample opportunities for young attendees to connect, create, and have fun.


In addition to the Family Garden, there are also special stages that feature performances and shows appropriate for children and families. From puppet shows to children’s music acts, these stages provide entertainment that is engaging and enjoyable for children of all ages.


Engagement with youth is a priority at San Francisco Pride. The event offers opportunities for teenagers and young adults to connect with peers, gain awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, and explore their identities. The Youth Space provides a dedicated area for youth to socialize, participate in discussions, and access resources and support.


San Francisco Pride also promotes LGBTQ+ youth leadership through various programs and initiatives. Young LGBTQ+ individuals can participate in workshops and panels that address important topics such as mental health, advocacy, and community building. These activities empower youth to find their voice and make positive changes in their communities.


It’s important to note that throughout San Francisco Pride, all activities and spaces are designed to be safe, welcoming, and inclusive for families and youth. The event organizers prioritize the well-being of all attendees and work to create an environment that fosters understanding, respect, and support.


Parents attending San Francisco Pride with their children can feel reassured that there are dedicated spaces and activities geared toward creating an enjoyable experience for the whole family. It’s an opportunity for children to learn about love, acceptance, and diversity in a celebratory and joyful setting.


So bring your kids, nieces, nephews, or younger siblings to San Francisco Pride and share in the excitement and spirit of the event. Engage in the family-friendly activities, listen to the stories being told, and create lasting memories that celebrate the values of love, equality, and acceptance.


Tips for Attending San Francisco Pride

Attending San Francisco Pride is an exhilarating experience, but it’s essential to be prepared to make the most of this vibrant celebration. Here are some tips to help you navigate the event and ensure a memorable and enjoyable time.

  • Plan ahead: Familiarize yourself with the dates, schedule, and locations of the various Pride events. Check the official San Francisco Pride website and social media channels for the most up-to-date information.
  • Arrive early: The parade and main performances draw large crowds, so it’s a good idea to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot or seat. Consider coming a day before the festivities to explore the city and get a sense of the surroundings.
  • Stay hydrated and nourished: San Francisco Pride can be physically demanding, so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat regularly. Carry a water bottle and check for food vendors or bring some snacks to keep yourself energized throughout the day.
  • Dress comfortably and be weather-ready: San Francisco weather can be unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers and bring a light jacket or sweater. Wear comfortable shoes for walking and standing as you navigate the parade route and event venues.
  • Bring essentials: Pack items like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a small backpack to carry your belongings. Don’t forget to bring your identification and any necessary medication in case of emergencies.
  • Practice inclusivity and respect: San Francisco Pride is a celebration of diversity and acceptance, so it’s important to be respectful of all individuals and their identities. Be mindful of others’ personal space, use inclusive language, and demonstrate kindness and empathy towards fellow attendees.
  • Stay connected: Make sure your phone is fully charged and consider bringing a portable charger. Set a designated meeting spot with your group in case you get separated. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the event venues and set meeting points in case of any communication issues.
  • Stay informed: Follow the official San Francisco Pride social media channels for updates on any changes or important announcements. Be aware of safety protocols and guidelines for the event to ensure your own well-being and the well-being of those around you.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: While San Francisco Pride is a generally safe and inclusive event, it’s important to exercise caution. Keep an eye on your belongings, be aware of your surroundings, and report any suspicious or unsafe activity to event staff or security personnel.
  • Spread the love: San Francisco Pride is not simply a celebration, but a chance to advocate for equality and support the LGBTQ+ community. Engage with exhibitors, attend workshops, and contribute to LGBTQ+ organizations. Embrace the spirit of love, acceptance, and allyship.

By following these tips, you can ensure a seamless and memorable experience at San Francisco Pride. So get ready to immerse yourself in the festivities, celebrate diversity, and spread the message of love and equality to make San Francisco Pride 2019 an unforgettable celebration.


Safety and Security Guidelines

Ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees is a top priority at San Francisco Pride. While the event is designed to be a joyous celebration, it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings and follow safety guidelines to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Here are some essential safety and security tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times. While San Francisco Pride is generally safe, it’s always important to remain vigilant.
  • Travel in groups, if possible, and avoid walking alone at night. There is safety in numbers, so stick together with friends or join a group of fellow attendees.
  • Keep your personal belongings secure. Be mindful of your bags, wallets, and electronic devices, and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • If you see something suspicious or notice any unsafe behavior, report it to event staff, security personnel, or the nearest law enforcement officer.
  • Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and consider wearing a hat and sunglasses to prevent sunburn and dehydration.
  • Follow all instructions and guidelines from event organizers, security personnel, and law enforcement officers. They are there to ensure your safety and the smooth running of the event.
  • Be respectful of others and their personal space. San Francisco Pride celebrates diversity and inclusivity, so treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  • It’s important to note that San Francisco Pride is a drug-free event. The use or possession of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Do not accept drinks or substances from strangers.
  • If you’re attending with children, establish a designated meeting point in case you get separated. Teach them about basic safety guidelines and make sure they know how to seek help if needed.
  • Stay up-to-date with any weather advisories. San Francisco weather can be unpredictable, so come prepared with appropriate clothing and gear.
  • Be mindful of your own well-being. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, move to a safer area or seek assistance from event staff or security personnel.

San Francisco Pride is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all attendees. By following these safety and security guidelines, we can all contribute to a positive, inclusive, and hassle-free experience for everyone.


Remember, your safety is paramount, so trust your instincts, practice common sense, and enjoy the celebration in a responsible and respectful manner. Let’s come together to celebrate love, equality, and the vibrant LGBTQ+ community at San Francisco Pride!


Accessibility Accommodations

San Francisco Pride strives to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all attendees, regardless of their physical abilities. The event organizers are committed to ensuring that everyone can fully participate in and enjoy the festivities. Here are some accessibility accommodations that you can expect at San Francisco Pride:

  • Accessible pathways and entrances: San Francisco Pride takes measures to ensure that all areas of the event are accessible to individuals with mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or walkers. Accessible pathways and entrances are provided to allow smooth navigation throughout the venue.
  • Accessible viewing areas: Designated viewing areas are set up near the main stages and parade route to ensure that individuals using wheelchairs or mobility aids have a clear view of the performances and parade.
  • Accessible restrooms: Accessible restroom facilities are available throughout the event venue. These restrooms are equipped with appropriate accommodations to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Sign language interpretation: San Francisco Pride recognizes the importance of providing equal access to individuals with hearing impairments. Therefore, sign language interpretation services are typically available during performances and speeches.
  • Assistive listening devices: For individuals who require assistive listening devices, San Francisco Pride offers the availability of such devices upon request. These devices can enhance the audio experience, making it easier for individuals with hearing impairments to engage with the event.
  • Service animal-friendly environment: San Francisco Pride welcomes service animals and ensures that the event is a safe and accommodating environment for them. Attendees with service animals can freely navigate the venue with their companions.
  • Accessibility information and resources: The official San Francisco Pride website and event materials provide detailed accessibility information to help attendees plan their visit. This includes details about accessible parking, seating, and pathways, as well as additional resources for individuals with disabilities.

If you have specific accessibility needs or require further information, it is recommended to contact San Francisco Pride directly in advance of the event. The organizing team is dedicated to ensuring that all attendees have a positive and inclusive experience, and they will strive to accommodate individual needs to the best of their ability.


By prioritizing accessibility, San Francisco Pride aims to create an environment where individuals of all abilities can come together, celebrate, and contribute to the spirit of love and acceptance. Everyone deserves the opportunity to fully participate and enjoy the celebrations, and San Francisco Pride works to make that a reality.


So, know that San Francisco Pride is committed to providing accessibility accommodations, and don’t hesitate to reach out for any specific needs you may have in order to ensure that you can fully engage with and enjoy this remarkable celebration of LGBTQ+ pride.


Supporting LGBTQ+ Organizations

San Francisco Pride is not just a celebration; it’s also an opportunity to support and uplift LGBTQ+ organizations that work tirelessly to advocate for equality, provide support services, and create safe spaces for the community. Here are some ways you can contribute to and support these important organizations during San Francisco Pride:


Donate: Many LGBTQ+ organizations rely on donations to fund their programs and initiatives. Consider making a financial contribution to organizations that align with your values and actively work towards promoting equality and improving the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. Even a small donation can make a significant impact.


Engage: Take the time to engage with the various LGBTQ+ organizations that have a presence at San Francisco Pride. Visit their information booths, ask questions, and learn about their missions and initiatives. Engaging with these organizations can help you better understand the work they do and identify ways to get involved.


Volunteer: LGBTQ+ organizations often rely on volunteers to support their programs and events. Consider volunteering your time and skills to help these organizations make a difference. From event support to mentoring programs, there are various opportunities to contribute your expertise and support the community.


Purchase merchandise: Many LGBTQ+ organizations and vendors at San Francisco Pride offer merchandise that supports their work. By purchasing items such as t-shirts, flags, or pins, you not only show your pride but also financially support the organizations and their important missions.


Advocate: Stand up for LGBTQ+ rights and advocate for equality. Use your voice and platform to raise awareness, challenge discrimination, and educate others about the issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. Attend workshops and panel discussions on advocacy and learn how you can make a positive impact in your own community.


Spread the word: Use your social media platforms and personal networks to share information about LGBTQ+ organizations and their events. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and mobilizing support. By spreading the word about these organizations and their work, you help amplify their messages and reach a wider audience.


Collaborate: Consider collaborating with LGBTQ+ organizations or supporting their events and initiatives through partnerships. Whether you are a business, a community group, or an individual, finding ways to collaborate with these organizations can create meaningful connections and contribute to their ongoing efforts.


Supporting LGBTQ+ organizations is a vital part of ensuring the continued progress and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community. By donating, engaging, volunteering, purchasing merchandise, advocating, spreading the word, and collaborating, you actively contribute to the work of these organizations and help create a more inclusive and accepting society.


San Francisco Pride is a unique opportunity to connect with LGBTQ+ organizations that are making a difference. So, take the time to learn, engage, and support these organizations, both during the event and throughout the year, to continue the momentum towards equality and justice for all.



San Francisco Pride 2019 is set to be an extraordinary celebration of love, diversity, and equality. As attendees gather from near and far, they will have the opportunity to participate in a weekend filled with captivating performances, community engagement, and memorable experiences.


From its humble beginnings to its present-day significance, San Francisco Pride embodies the spirit of resilience and progress within the LGBTQ+ community. It serves as a testament to the ongoing fight for equality and acceptance, while also providing a joyous platform for celebration and expression.


As you navigate the festivities, keep in mind the tips for attending San Francisco Pride, such as planning ahead, being aware of your surroundings, and respecting others. Take advantage of the diverse range of events, performances, and cultural spaces, and be sure to engage with LGBTQ+ organizations and support their inspiring work.


San Francisco Pride is a weekend that embraces inclusivity, supports activism, and fosters connections. It’s a time to celebrate and honor the progress made in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as to recognize the challenges that remain. By participating in San Francisco Pride, you contribute to a collective effort to create a more accepting and equitable world for all.


So, mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of San Francisco Pride. As you join thousands of attendees, let love, acceptance, and equality guide your experience. Together, let’s celebrate, advocate, and pave the way for a brighter future for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.