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How To Obtain A Mexican Passport


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Dori Hayden



Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to obtain a Mexican passport. Whether you are a Mexican citizen living abroad or simply planning to explore the wonders of Mexico, having a Mexican passport is essential. This document not only allows you to travel internationally but also serves as proof of your Mexican citizenship.


The process of obtaining a Mexican passport may seem daunting, but fear not! This article will break it down into simple steps, providing you with all the necessary information to successfully navigate the process. From gathering required documents to submitting your application and tracking its progress, we’ve got you covered.


Having a Mexican passport opens doors to countless opportunities. It allows you to explore the diverse landscapes of Mexico, from the stunning beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula to the vibrant streets of Mexico City. Moreover, a Mexican passport grants you access to an array of visa-free or visa-on-arrival destinations, making international travel more convenient and hassle-free.


So, if you’re ready to embark on your journey to obtain a Mexican passport, let’s dive into the step-by-step process. Gather your documents, prepare yourself, and get ready to explore Mexico and the world!


Step 1: Gather Required Documents

Before you can begin the process of obtaining a Mexican passport, it’s important to gather all the necessary documents. Here’s a list of the required documents:

  1. Proof of Mexican citizenship: This can include your birth certificate issued by the Mexican Civil Registry, a Mexican naturalization certificate, or a Mexican citizenship card. Make sure to bring the original document along with a clear photocopy.
  2. Official identification: You will need to provide a valid and legible identification document, such as a Mexican voter ID card, Mexican military card, or Mexican driver’s license. Again, bring the original ID and a photocopy.
  3. Proof of address: You will need to demonstrate your current address, which can be done through utility bills, bank statements, or a lease agreement. Make sure the document is recent and has your name on it.
  4. Passport-sized photos: Get two recent passport-sized photos taken, adhering to the Mexican passport photo requirements. These photos should have a white background, be in color, and display your full face without any obstructions.
  5. Application form: Download and fill out the Mexican passport application form (Form OP-5) from the official website of the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Make sure to complete all sections accurately and legibly.

It’s crucial to ensure that you have all the required documents before proceeding to the next step. Missing or incorrect documents can lead to delays or rejection of your application. Take the time to double-check and gather everything you need to avoid any complications during the application process.


Once you have gathered all the required documents, it’s time to move on to the next step: completing the passport application form.


Step 2: Complete the Passport Application Form

Now that you have gathered all the necessary documents, it’s time to complete the Mexican passport application form (Form OP-5). Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and accurate completion:

  1. Download the form: Visit the official website of the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs and download the passport application form (Form OP-5). Make sure to obtain the correct version of the form and ensure it is up-to-date.
  2. Fill out the form: Take your time to complete the application form accurately and legibly. Provide the required personal information, including your full name, date and location of birth, gender, and contact details. Double-check for any errors or omissions before moving on.
  3. Provide travel information: In the application form, you will be asked to provide details of your current and future travel plans. Make sure to include any upcoming trips and their respective dates, as this information may impact the processing times of your passport application.
  4. Declare any previous passports: If you have had a previous Mexican passport, you will need to declare it in the application form. Include the passport number, date of issuance, and any other relevant details.
  5. Signature and date: Once you have completed the form, sign and date it at the designated area. Your signature should match the one on your official identification document.

Remember, accuracy and legibility are essential when completing the application form. Any mistakes or unclear information may result in delays or rejection of your passport application. If you are unsure about any sections of the form, seek assistance from the Mexican Consulate or Embassy near you.


Once you have completed the passport application form, it’s time to move on to the next step: scheduling an appointment at the Mexican Consulate.


Step 3: Schedule an Appointment at the Mexican Consulate

Once you have completed the passport application form, the next step is to schedule an appointment at the Mexican Consulate. Follow these steps to secure your appointment:

  1. Locate your nearest Mexican Consulate: Use the official website of the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs to find the Mexican Consulate or Embassy closest to your current location. Take note of their contact information and office hours.
  2. Contact the Consulate: Call or email the Mexican Consulate to schedule an appointment for your passport application. Be prepared to provide your personal details and any other information they may require for the appointment.
  3. Select a convenient date and time: Discuss with the Consulate the available dates and times for your appointment. Choose the option that works best for your schedule.
  4. Confirm your appointment: Once you have agreed upon a date and time, request a confirmation of your appointment from the consulate. This confirmation will serve as proof of your scheduled appointment.

It’s important to note that some Mexican Consulates may have specific procedures or requirements for scheduling appointments. Visit their official website or contact them directly to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Remember, appointments at Mexican Consulates can be in high demand, especially during peak travel seasons. It’s advisable to schedule your appointment well in advance to secure your desired date and time slot.


With your passport application appointment scheduled, you are one step closer to obtaining your Mexican passport. The next section will guide you through attending the appointment and submitting your application.


Step 4: Attend the Appointment and Submit Your Application

Congratulations on securing your appointment at the Mexican Consulate! Attending the appointment and submitting your passport application is a crucial step in the process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Arrive on time: Make sure to arrive at the Mexican Consulate on the scheduled date and time of your appointment. Punctuality is important to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  2. Bring all required documents: Remember to bring all the required documents as mentioned in Step 1. This includes your proof of Mexican citizenship, official identification, proof of address, passport-sized photos, and the completed passport application form.
  3. Submit your application: When you arrive at the consulate, proceed to the designated area for passport applications. Present your documents to the consulate staff and submit your application form along with any additional forms or declarations that may be required.
  4. Pay the application fee: There is a fee associated with the Mexican passport application process. Make sure to have the necessary payment ready in the form of cash or any other payment method accepted by the consulate. The fee amount may vary, so check the consulate’s website or contact them beforehand for the exact fee.
  5. Provide biometric data: As part of the application process, you may be required to provide biometric data, including your fingerprints and a digital photograph. Follow the instructions given by the consulate staff and provide the necessary data as instructed.

During the appointment, the consulate staff may ask you additional questions or request further documentation if needed. Cooperate with them and provide the requested information promptly to ensure a smooth application process.


After you have submitted your application, it will undergo processing by the Mexican authorities. The next section will guide you on how to track your application and what to expect during the processing period.


Step 5: Pay the Passport Fee

Once you have submitted your passport application, it’s time to pay the required fee. The passport fee covers the cost of processing your application and producing the passport. Follow these steps to complete the payment:

  1. Check the fee amount: Verify the exact fee amount for your passport application. The fee may vary depending on factors such as your age, the type of passport being applied for, and any additional services requested.
  2. Accepted payment methods: Determine the accepted payment methods at the Mexican Consulate where you submitted your application. Payment methods typically include cash, credit or debit cards, and money orders. It is advisable to bring the exact amount in cash or ensure your card has sufficient funds.
  3. Make the payment: Proceed to the designated payment counter or area and submit the required fee. Keep any receipts or payment confirmation provided as proof of payment.

It’s important to note that the passport fee is non-refundable, even if your application is denied or if you decide to withdraw your application. Make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents, completed the application accurately, and reviewed the requirements to avoid any issues or delays in the process.


Once the fee is paid, your application will continue to the next stage, where your biometric data will be collected, and your photo will be taken. The subsequent section will guide you through this step of the passport application process.


Step 6: Provide Biometric Data and Take a Photo

After completing the payment of the passport fee, the next step in the process is to provide your biometric data and have your photo taken. This step is crucial for verifying your identity and ensuring the security of your passport. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Biometric data collection: At the Mexican Consulate or the designated passport office, you will be guided to a specific area where your biometric data will be collected. This usually includes the capture of your fingerprints and sometimes your digital signature.
  2. Photo capture: Along with the collection of biometric data, a passport officer will also capture your photograph. This photo will be printed on your passport as a means of identification.
  3. Follow instructions and cooperate: During this step, it is important to follow the instructions given by the passport officer and cooperate fully. Place your fingers on the fingerprint scanner as instructed, and ensure your photo is taken properly without any obstructions.

It’s crucial to maintain a composed and natural appearance during the photo capture, as it should reflect your current and accurate facial features. Avoid wearing hats, sunglasses, or any other accessories that may obscure your face. Adhering to the guidelines provided by the passport officer will help ensure that your biometric data and photo meet the necessary standards.


Once your biometric data has been collected and your photo taken, you will proceed to the next step: tracking your passport application and waiting for its processing. The subsequent section will provide guidance on how to track your application and what to expect during the processing period.


Step 7: Track Your Application and Wait for Processing

After providing your biometric data and photo, your passport application will enter the processing phase. During this time, it’s important to stay informed about the status of your application. Here’s how you can track your application and what to expect during the processing period:

  1. Application tracking: Once your application has been submitted, you will be given a receipt or tracking number. This number is essential for tracking the progress of your application. Visit the official website of the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs and access their passport application tracking system.
  2. Enter the necessary information: Enter your tracking number or any other required details accurately into the tracking system. This will provide you with the current status of your passport application, including whether it is processing, under review, or ready for collection.
  3. Check for updates: Regularly check the tracking system to stay updated on the progress of your application. It is normal for the processing period to take several weeks, so be patient and monitor for any updates or requests for additional information.
  4. Be prepared for delays: Keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances or an influx of applications can lead to processing delays. If you experience a significant delay, you can contact the Mexican Consulate or Embassy where you submitted your application for further information.
  5. Collecting your passport: Once your passport is ready for collection, you will receive a notification from the passport office or consulate. Follow the instructions provided to collect your passport. Remember to bring the necessary identification and any additional documents, if required.

While waiting for your passport to be processed, it’s advisable to refrain from making any non-refundable travel arrangements. This will help avoid any potential inconvenience in case there are unexpected delays or issues with your application.


With Step 7 complete, you’re almost at the finish line! The final section will guide you on how to collect your Mexican passport and conclude the application process.


Step 8: Collect Your Mexican Passport

Congratulations! You have reached the final step of obtaining your Mexican passport. Now it’s time to collect your passport and start enjoying the benefits of international travel. Follow these steps to collect your Mexican passport:

  1. Notification of passport readiness: Once your passport is processed and ready for collection, you will receive a notification from the passport office or consulate. This notification may be through email, phone, or an SMS message. Make sure to keep an eye on your designated communication channels.
  2. Confirm the collection process: Read the notification carefully and make note of any specific instructions for collecting your passport. This may include the location, date, and time for collection, as well as any additional documents or identification required.
  3. Bring necessary documents: Before heading to the passport office or consulate, ensure you have all the required documents for collecting your passport. Typically, you will need to present your original identification, the notification message, and any other specified documents.
  4. Visit the designated location: Arrive at the designated passport office or consulate on the specified date and time. Take note of the office hours and any special COVID-19 related protocols or requirements in place.
  5. Collect your passport: Present your identification and the necessary documents to the passport office or consulate staff. They will verify your identity and hand over your Mexican passport to you. Make sure to examine the passport to ensure that all information and details are correct before leaving the office.

Once you have collected your Mexican passport, congratulations again! You are now ready to embark on your adventures both within Mexico and abroad. Remember to keep your passport in a safe place and make photocopies or digital copies for backup. It’s also crucial to familiarize yourself with the passport’s expiration date and plan ahead for passport renewal when necessary.


So go ahead, explore Mexico’s breathtaking landscapes, experience its rich culture, and embark on exciting international travel with your newly acquired Mexican passport.


Through this comprehensive guide, we hope we’ve made the process of obtaining a Mexican passport easier for you. Safe travels and enjoy your journey!



Congratulations on reaching the end of this comprehensive guide on how to obtain a Mexican passport. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you have gained valuable knowledge and insights to successfully navigate through the passport application process.


A Mexican passport not only provides you with the opportunity to explore the beauty and wonders of Mexico but also grants you access to travel internationally with ease. It is a valuable document that serves as proof of your Mexican citizenship and opens doors to new cultures, experiences, and opportunities.


Remember to gather all the required documents, complete the application form accurately, and schedule an appointment at the Mexican Consulate. Pay the necessary fee, provide biometric data, and track the progress of your application. Finally, collect your passport and embark on exciting adventures near and far.


Throughout the entire process, it’s important to be patient and prepared for potential delays. The journey to obtaining a Mexican passport may require time and effort, but the rewards are immeasurable.


As you embark on your travels, always prioritize the safety and security of your passport. Keep it in a secure place and make copies or digital backups for emergencies. Stay informed about passport expiration dates and plan ahead for renewals to ensure uninterrupted travel.


We hope this guide has provided you with the information and confidence to obtain your Mexican passport successfully. Now, it’s time to explore the vibrant streets of Mexico City, bask in the sun on the stunning beaches of Cancun, and embrace all the wonders that Mexico and the world have to offer.


Safe travels and enjoy the incredible journey ahead with your new Mexican passport!