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The Best Hotels When In Santa Monica


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Verona Atieno

Santa Monica, Hotel, Beach, Travel, Trip, Vacation, Kids Hotels, Family Hotels
Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels

Santa Monica is a council-managed city. It lies in front of the Santa Monica Bay in the Los Angeles County. It gained popularity as a resort town way back in the 20th century. The famous beach volleyball sport traces its origins here to the 1920s, having been pioneered by one Duke Kahanamoku.


Other than the lovely beaches, Santa Monica as a destination is rich in other offertories. The Santa Monica Pier is there to welcome you into its Looff Hippodrome Carousel, Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, and Pacific Park Amusement Park. Beyond that, there is also the Palisades Park and Heal the Bay Aquarium. Then you can dive into the art galleries of Bergamot Station houses. Much more awaits you in this amazing place.


People travel for various reasons apart from vacationing which brings the question: which are the best hotels to stay in while in Santa Monica? Consider the following hotels if you ever find yourself in this amazing part of the world.



Hotel Casa del Mar

Casa Del Mar, Things To Do In Santa Monica

Hotel Casa Del Mar From Wikimedia Commons


This hotel is strategically located near the shops and eateries of Montana Avenue. The distance is a mere 7-minute-drive! It`s one of the few Santa Monica hotels with access to the beach. Visitors can check-in from 4:00 PM while check-out time extends till 12:00 PM. Free parking is available for the occupants and the hotel is wheelchair friendly too.


All the rooms are air-conditioned, have flat-screen televisions, and free Wi-Fi. Moreover, some of these rooms even overlook the Pacific Ocean. Room service is an option at your disposal while full laundry services are also provided.


To care for your physique, there is also a spa and a fitness centre available.


What we love

Hotel Casa Del Mar has a sea-food restaurant situated in front of the ocean with options of either indoor or outdoor dining by the poolside. This makes it one of the best couples` hotels when in Santa Monica. The dining experience by the poolside as the sun sets, or better still in the night with the glowing waters, is highly romantic.


Another eatery option here is its Italian Restaurant. The floors of this antique restaurant are furnished with ceramic tiles which are hand-made, making it quite natural in appearance.


Because of its non-smoking policy on the other end, this hotel is one of the best Santa Monica hotels for kids that you should consider. And to top it all off, there are huge suites of up to a maximum of 5 bedrooms to cater to the entire family.



Shutters On The Beach

Shutters On The Beach, Things To Do In Santa Monica

Shutters On The Beach From Wikimedia Commons


If you ever want a centrally located hotel in Santa Monica, then this is it. Walking to Shutters from Santa Monica Pier takes only 9 minutes. It is 1 mile away from Third Street Promenade and 2 miles away from Pacific Coast Highway. Checking-in commences at 4:00 PM and checking-out extends until 12:00 PM. Parking is available but paid for, and the hotel is wheelchair friendly.


In all their exquisite rooms, you will enjoy room service round the clock, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioners. Most of these rooms have balconies and the upgraded ones overlook the ocean. The available suites are completed with fireplaces and living rooms. The full service laundry also ensures your clothes are crispy clean.


What we love

All the rooms are furnished with a kitchen and a coffee making machine – a perfect example of a home away from home. One can therefore enjoy a fresh cup of coffee whenever one pleases. Alternatively, make your favourite dishes the way you like without any hindrances. As a result, this hotel ranks at the top of the best Santa Monica hotels for kids.


There is a bar and a café right in front of the beach together with a lobby lounge. Enjoy your drinks in the sweet fresh breeze from the ocean as you relax. For what is a holiday if fresh ocean breeze isn’t in the package?



Viceroy Santa Monica

Viceroy Santa Monica, Santa Monica, Hotel, Beach, Travel, Trip, Vacation, Kids Hotels, Family Hotels, Things To Do In Santa Monica

Viceroy Santa Monica From Wikimedia Commons


Well, well, another of its kind just 3 minutes away from Santa Monica State Beach if you were to walk. From Santa Monica Pier, it is 805 meters away, and about 1500 meters from the Pacific Coast Highway. Check-in starts at 3:00 PM while check-out lasts until 11:00 AM. Parking is available but paid for, and the hotel is wheelchair friendly.


From the rooms, you will enjoy views of either Santa Monica City, the ocean, or a pool. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, minibars, desks and sitting areas. Some rooms have balconies as well. In this hotel’s suites, you will be met with some awesome pull-out sofas, whirlpool tubs, and separate living areas.


This hotel also features a fitness centre to keep your body in check.


There are 2 outdoor pools each with its own cabana. Your crew can have some amazing secluded time by the pool. But there is no harm either should you wish to alternate between a little bit of sun in the pool and a little bit of shade herein.


What we love

The hotel has this tantalising package they call Vice Hour running daily from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. During this period, guests get to enjoy cocktails with coastal themes and some fresh bites considered to be Californian favourites. This hotel should definitely be on your bucket list when in need of the best Santa Monica hotels for couples.


This classic boutique hotel in Santa Monica is an all-round hotel. It is therefore suitable for kids and families.



Huntley Santa Monica

Things To Do In Santa Monica, Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica, Hotel, Beach, Travel, Trip, Vacation, Kids Hotels, Family Hotels

Huntley Hotel Santa Monica Hotel From Wikimedia Commons


To get to this place from either Santa Monica Pier or Santa Monica State Beach, a short 15-minute walk is necessary. On the other hand, walking from Third Street Promenade takes only 8 minutes. The hotel is wheelchair friendly. Check-in starts at 3:00 PM while check-out lasts until 12:00 PM. There is ample parking space which needs to be paid for.


The magnificent rooms of this hotel overlook the city or the ocean. They are all equipped with a kitchen and are air-conditioned. Once inside, you will enjoy free Wi-Fi, work desks, flat-screen TVs and full laundry services. It is listed among the best kids` hotels in Santa Monica.


The elegant suites of this hotel are furnished with either pull-out sofas or classy leather chairs. They also contain living areas to ensure the bedrooms are for total relaxation.


To maximise your visit, a fitness centre and spa are available. As much as you indulge, the state of your physical being should be cared for in equal measure.


With a gift shop in place, you don’t have to stress walking around in search of the perfect gift for your loved ones.


What we love

Look out for the hotel’s restaurant and lounge called The Penthouse which sits on the 18th floor. Nothing compares to dining with clouds hanging just above your head, accompanied by an exemplary view of the ocean. You will enjoy cuisine which centres on Californian themes and some unique house-crafted cocktails.



Palihouse Santa Monica

Santa Monica, Hotel, Beach, Travel, Trip, Vacation, Kids Hotels, Family Hotels

Photo Of Santa Monica City Hall From Wikimedia Commons


Palihouse Santa Monica is a boutique lodge located a mile away from Santa Monica Pier. It is also close to other popular attractions in Santa Monica. It offers free parking which provides the opportunity to save some bucks. The facility’s hospitality kicks off right from the airport through the shuttle services they offer. Check-in starts at 3:00 PM and visitors can check-out way until 11:00 AM.


This hotel features suites, each of which is solely and uniquely decorated. Other amenities in the suites include flat-screen TV sets, free Wi-Fi, mini bars, and rainfall-type showers. Also available are room service and in-suite type message. Upgraded suites contain additional bedrooms, balconies, a dining area, and/or a full kitchen.


The Palihouse serves guests with breakfast packages throughout the day from its café in the lobby. Furthermore, the house has a variety of snacks and lunch items on the menu for guests who want something different. The café also has some lounge seats, an alternative arrangement if ever you wish to laze here a bit before going back to your suite.


What we love

Palihouse is situated in a very quiet, leafy and residential neighbourhood. Guests enjoy two themes: active days engaging in what the city has to give, and quiet evenings rejuvenating the body and mind. For someone looking for the best Santa Monica hotel for couples, your search should perhaps end here. The hotel boasts of extraordinary architecture as well as Mediterranean Revival type of nature.



Shangri–La Santa Monica

Hotel Shangri La Santa Monica - The Best Hotels When In Santa Monica

Photo Of Hotel Shangri-La From Wikimedia Commons


Shangri-La is a boutique hotel located a mile away from Santa Monica Pier and just across the Santa Monica State Beach. A guest can thus easily access the beach. The facility offers free parking and is wheelchair friendly. Guests are required to check-in beginning 3:00 PM, with an extended checkout period until 12:00 PM.


The hotel features very elegant rooms with some overlooking the ocean and others the city. There are also suites with leaving areas. Room service is fully provided with an additional kitchen in some of the rooms. All rooms have free Wi-Fi, Flat-screen TV sets, and iPod docks. Laundry services are fully offered.


There is a modern fitness centre to keep your body in check.


Shangri-La has a unique roof-top bar with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Even though this bar operates under the New American menu, it also serves some light popular snacks.


There are some private cabanas and a unique spa which stands next to the facility’s courtyard pool. This spa treats guests to message, meditation classes and facial treatments. Shangri-La is here to ensure that the whole of you feels the value of visiting.


What we love

The rooftop bar of Shangri-La is to die for. It features a live Webcam. So, while comfortably seated and enjoying your drink, you also have a close interaction with the city’s coastline from the camera. Why not kill two birds with one stone?



Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Photo from Glassdoor.co.in


Walking to this hotel from Santa Monica Pier consumes only 7 minutes. It is approximately 322 meters from 3rd Street Promenade. The facility has ample and safe parking space, which you will be required to pay for. It is wheelchair friendly too. The hotel requires that guests check-in from 4:00 PM, while checking out can be done until 12:00 PM. It is among the best Santa Monica luxury hotels.


All the rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV sets, and balconies with a step-out feature. There are full room service and a kitchenette in only some of the rooms.


A well-equipped fitness centre awaits fitness enthusiasts. A spa is also available for those who wish to give their bodies a heavenly treatment as well. However, these facilities are separately charged.


The restaurant in this facility, which overlooks the ocean, will satisfy your appetite through tantalising Californian cuisine. Once you are done, you can optionally slide into their busy tapas bar, or just stretch out in their classic lounges.


What we love

You will instantly fall in love with the hotel’s heated outdoor swimming pool. With a warm pool, swimming at night is highly tempting. Kids will most likely love it more. In return, the heated pool makes Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel among the best kids` hotels in Santa Monica.


And if outstanding hospitality is anything to go by, Santa Monica hotels will exceed your expectations. Their service should perhaps be considered as part of the amazing attractions this beautiful city has to offer.


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