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Great Things To Do In Kansas City, Missouri, US


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Vivette Kajal

Book shaped public library, Kansas City, MO
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Kansas City enfolds so many tourist attractions. It’s hard to believe how this largest city in Missouri state of the US tickles you with its shade of mischief and the perfect blend of elegance and beauty.


What Is Kansas City Popular For?

Firstly, the most striking factor of Kansas City is the wide variety of water fountains. Known as the city of fountains, they have hundreds of fountains built to provide the citizens with safe drinking water.


Thus, you may stumble upon a fountain every 100 meters which are very well designed and maintained.


Kansas City can be a wonder for many and a visual feast for the tourists yearning for the best vacation. From their signature world-famous Barbecues to a budding center of arts and culture, there are so many fun things to do in Kansas City, MO.

Above all, the right mix of sports, cuisine, jazz and spectacular places, that’s Kansas City!




Admire Country Club Plaza

Country Club Plaza Kansas

Photo by Dave Herholz on Flickr


Do not frown when you hear about this ‘outdoor mall in Kansas City.’ This ain’t another ordinary mall, where you think of shopping until you drop. However,  this is definitely a heaven for the shopaholics, but what stuns you the most is the astounding collection of murals, 30 statues, and tile mosaics that adorn Country Club Plaza of Kansas City.


The architecture of Kansas City Plaza reflects more on the Spanish influence. The architect of Country Club Plaza, JC Nichols had definitely brought a bit of Spain down to America with this great landmark of Kansas City. The main theme of the mall is Seville, Spain.


Country Club Plaza is also known as the first car-centric shopping plaza of USA.


What’s Special About Country Club Plaza?

It is the immediate shopping center for everyone in Kansas City since they have incorporated so many mid-level retailers like Sears and Woolworth, alongside other high-end shops in Country Club mall of Kansas City.


In addition to it, the Plaza restaurants are numerous in number. You might get really confused in selecting the best restaurant in Kansas City.


The history of Country Club Plaza of Kansas City dates back to the 1920s. Since then the plaza is the best fun tourist attractions of Kansas City, MO.


The most striking factor of the Country Club Plaza mall in Kansas City is, it has a drive-thru bank. This isn’t the only fascinating thing about the Plaza mall. How would it feel when you see motorists riding inside the mall for some shopping? All these make the Country Club Plaza a major hit of all times.


If you have landed in Kansas City during Christmas, then please do not miss out the “The Season of Lights” which starts from Thanksgiving night in the Plaza. This is very special because the 55 acres where the Plaza is situated sparkles so brightly. It is two hours televised lighting event in Kansas City.


Since you have stepped into the Kansas City Plaza before you leave, make sure to pay a tribute to the Country Club Plaza architect, J C Nichols at the J C Nichols Memorial Fountain, built close by to the Plaza.



Explore Nelson Atkins Museum Of Arts

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil on Flickr


There are so many facts about the Nelson Atkins Museum of Arts in Kansas City. Firstly, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Arts is the largest museum in the country.


Secondly, it is a magnificent art house with more than 40,000 art exhibits with a wide collection of contemporary and traditional artwork. Thirdly, it has one of the top three Asian art collections.


Did you know that the entrance fee to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Arts is free? Which means this is one of the free things to do in Kansas City, MO.


The lush green lawn that sprawls in the front of the Nelson Museum of Kansas City, holds a place in America’s one among the “Top Ten Lawns with a View.” It is called Donald J Hall Sculpture Park.


This Atkins park has numerous bronze monuments by Henry Moore. However, if you have noticed the huge shuttlecock in front of the museum, it is found in this Nelsons Sculpture Park.


Nelson Atkin’s opening hours are from 10 am to 5 pm.



Understand The History Behind Union Station

Union Station of Kansas City is of great historical importance. This is the most popular Kansas City tourist attractions. Until you decide to pay a visit here, you wouldn’t be able to understand the importance of Union Station.


Did you know that the Union Station was once upon a time the largest railway express building of the nation? It provided steam and power to the trains that crossed this station in Kansas City.


Union Station, Kansas

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash


Tourists of Kansas City marvel at the 95-foot hall Grand Hall of the Union Station. The marvel doesn’t get over here just at the size of the Grand Hall. There are three 3500 pound chandeliers, six-foot-high wide clocks that hang in the central arch.


You might be awestruck when you hear that the Union Station in Kansas City once upon a time had 900 large rooms and accommodated restaurants, cigar stores, railroad shops, etc. For instance, the exhibits inside the Union Station tells that many soldiers crossed this station during WWI memorial.


Union Station had to be closed in the 1980s and many even tried demolishing it. Later, it underwent renovation and was open to the tourists.


Hey, if you want to travel like how people used to 100 years ago, you can still take a train from the Union station’s Amtrak stop and head out of the country.



The Must-Visit The National World War 1 Museum

National World War 1 Museum Kansas City

Photo by Joevare on Flickr


The National World War 1 Museum of the United States is found in Kansas City, MO. I can tell you that this is a must-visit site in Kansas City. It is now known as the Liberty Memorial Museum. This is the only official museum dedicated to World War 1.


The war museum is an eye-opener to the hidden facts about World War 1. All the history lovers out there, you are at the right spot to get so many insights about the infamous World War 1.


The world-class collection of WWI memorabilia in the war museum of Kansas City is the best information one could ever get. You certainly get to know much more about the problems that led to the war, the uniforms used by the soldiers, weapons, etc.


If you are embroiled with tears, there is a way to beat the blue. Try to take some time out to get a magical view of Kansas City from the Liberty Tower. This is a monument that commemorates the heroes of the war.



Jump, Dive, Slide Like A Kid At The Worlds Of Fun

Beer Glass

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash


Hop into the biggest amusement park of Kansas City, MO, Worlds of Fun! It is open since the late 1970s. This park falls among some of the best fun things to do with kids in Kansas City.


If you have always been refraining from going to any amusement parks in the US, due to the crowd, you can relax here. This ain’t that crowded like the Universal or Disney.


Do not expect a gigantic amusement park when you step here in Kansas City. However, it can be slightly compact in comparison to other amusement parks in America.


The fun things for kids in Kansas City are the Dinosaurs Alive in the Worlds of Fun. Most of the kids have been wanting to explore the Dinosaurs. On the other hand, adults, you guys can also ride the coasters and feel equally enthusiastic!


The Worlds of Fun tickets of Kansas City are inclusive of the Oceans of Fun water park which is very near to the Worlds of Fun. The Oceans of Park has a specialty, it has the record for being the world’s largest water theme park. So after the enthusiastic rides make sure to rejuvenate and chill at Oceans of Park.



Get Stunned At The Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City

Photo by Ernie Murphy on Flickr


The art lover in you cannot afford to skip this amazing Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City. This is the epitome of beautiful artwork which will leave you mesmerized. The Kemper Museum is mainly famous for the exhibitions they conduct throughout the year.


There are more than 100,000 tourists that visit the Kemper Museum in Kansas City every year. The museum is one of its kind in the US since it is known as the largest contemporary museum.


Do note, however, that the opening hours of Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art are from 10 am to 4 pm.



Visit The Jazz Lovers Paradise, American Jazz Museum

Jazz Museum Kansas City

Photo by Alex Zamora on Unsplash


We all know that Kansas City, MO is a hot spot for jazz. For instance, people tapping their feet to the tunes of jazz isn’t an uncommon scene here.


Just because of their love for this genre of music, Kansas City of Missouri has tried to preserve the culture of jazz by constructing an American Jazz Museum.


All the jazz lovers out there, it is time to get immersed in the jazz experience full throttle!  Most importantly, if you have been wanting to know more about the history of jazz, various successful jazz bands, and singers, there isn’t any other place to be in the world other than the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City.


If you have been yearning for some great live jazz performances in Kansas City, you certainly have it here in the Blue Room of American Jazz Museum. The room takes you back to the 1930s where the interiors and styling mainly cater to that era.



Read The Giant-Sized Books At Kansas City Public Library

KC Public Library

Photo by Paul Sableman on Flickr


The Kansas City Public Library is one of the unique landmarks of Kansas City. Also, it is known as one of the oldest and the third largest library in Kansas City.


Do you want to see a row of really huge books lined up on a shelf? The Kansas City Public Library’s parking garage is constructed in such a manner.


In other words, the books have a height of 25 feet and 9 feet in width. Consequently, each book has been given a name and some among them are “The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, etc.


This has been a jaw-dropping center for many tourists. Most importantly, Kansas City has managed to bring uniqueness and a beautiful character to the public library.



Be A Baseball Fan At Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Photo by Ron Cogswell on Flickr


If you aren’t that aware of the rich history of African American baseball, you have landed up in the right place in Kansas City. The district of 18th & Vine was the hub for a thriving culture of the Negros in the 1800s.


You wouldn’t find any guides narrating history here, instead, you have so many multimedia exhibits, a wide array of photos and artifacts that explain at length the story of Negro leagues Baseball.


The most exciting thing about the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is the 12 bronze sculptures and the museum store. All the Baseball lovers, please do not forget to pay a visit here.



Adore The Animals At Kansas City Zoo

Are you looking for a great family day trip inside Kansas City? Kansas City Zoo is a great option. This is also the best kids attraction in Kansas City.


The Kansas City Zoo is sprawled elaborately in 202 acres of land. As a result, it is home to more than 1700 animals.  The zoo exhibits are divided into Kid Zone, Australia, and Africa.


Kansas City Zoo

Photo by Amy the Nurse on Flickr


Being one of the most popular tourist attractions of Kansas City, the zoo is widely popular for its Tiger trails. The zoo has become more famous after it recently brought the Koala Bears of Australia. 


This zoo is in the ‘Best Top 60 Zoos’ in the United States since it has the best Kangaroo and chimp exhibits in the world.


There is so much to see here, so be sure to allow an entire day for getting acquainted with every trial, nook, and corner of the Kansas City Zoo.


The Kansas City Zoo prices are $15 and above for elders, and for kids even less. The opening hours of the Kansas City Zoo are from 9:30 am to 4 pm.



See The Real Kansas City’s Crown Jewel

Kauffman Stadium

Photo by Chris Murphy on Flickr


The Kauffman Stadium is mainly cited as the Kansas City’s Crown Jewel. This place is everything to the Kansas City Royals Major League Baseball Team.


It was opened in 1973 and can be considered as the oldest in the city. The main attractive feature of the Kauffman Stadium is the fountain and water display behind the fence.


This place is heaven to each and every Royals fan or Baseball fan. The Royals hall of fame and interactive kids area is going to excite you with joy. The Kauffman Stadium has been a wonderful host by accommodating more than 7 crore fans.


Did you know that if you sit anywhere in the stadium you are not going to be disheartened for getting a poor view? Irrespective of which seat you choose, the Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City gives a 360-degree view of the entire stadium, isn’t that mind-blowing?



Reminisce Your Childhood In National Museum Of Toys & Miniatures

Stuffed animals

Photo by M W on Pixabay


This toy museum in Kansas City is the world’s largest fine-scale miniature collection and one of the best fun things to do in Kansas City with kids.


If your kids are bored with the museums and libraries of Kansas City, then its high time to take them to the National Museum of Toys and Museum, which is gonna make them jump with joy!


This miniature museum as some people lovingly call it is located on the hilltop of UMKC campus of Kansas City, MO. However, the museum can also be considered as the nations largest collection of antique toys. For instance, you find the replica of almost everything under the sun here.



Watch The Splendid Independence Temple

Independence Temple

Photo by Coolvalley63 on Flickr


The temple is designed in the shape of a nautilus shell that touches the heavens. The Independence Temple took four years and 300 panels of custom-built stainless steel to get the construction complete.


This temple is the headquarters of the Community of Christ Church. It is huge with 1600 seats at the temple sanctuary and 5800 seats in the auditorium.



Gaze At The Brilliance Of Kauffman Centre For Performing Arts

Kauffman Center Kansas City

Photo by Brent Flanders on Flickr


Designed by Safdie Architects, the breathtaking architectures of Kauffman Centre should definitely be on your must-visit places list in Kansas City, MO. Covered in numerous stainless steel panels, the Kauffman Centre can seat more than 2000 people.


Most importantly, several major concerts take place here. Also, they invite a wide variety of artists from all over the globe to perform here. For instance, let it be a jazz performance, a ballet, classical or contemporary dance, they shuffle things up to offer something for everyone. 


If you have an entire evening to yourself, and if there is any scope for a theatre, opera or dance in Kauffman Centre of Arts, please do not miss it! A gathering inside the stunning interiors of Kauffman Centre itself is a great experience to cherish forever.



Grab A Free Beer From The Boulevard Brewery

Beer Glass

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash


Take a break from the astonishing museums in the city and sneak peek inside the Boulevard Brewery for a free beer. Wait! A free beer cannot be grabbed until you walk through the 45 minutes guided boulevard brewery tour.


Out of all the Kansas City breweries, Boulevard Brewery is the most sought after and the largest brewery in midwest.


You get great insights about the Boulevard’s brewing process and the history of the native Kansas City, especially, its connection with amazing beers.


You wouldn’t be surprised if we let you know that the best-tasting beers of all times can be grabbed or even carried home at subsidized rates from Boulevard Brewery of Kansas City, MO. 



Know More About Harry S Truman At The Truman Library

Truman Library

Photo by Espino Family on Flickr


This beautiful Truman Library and Truman Museum dominates the city kyline. It is constructed on the land donated by the City of Independence.


The President himself actively worked on the day to day activities of the library. Most importantly, he gave more emphasis on student learning and encouraged them to visit here.


Truman also shifted his office to the library where he worked for five days a week. Later, all his official duties were carried out in the Truman Library.


Since Truman was greatly attached to the library which consequently, became his presidential office, the funeral services and burial of Truman took place here.  



Taste The Authentic Kansas City Barbecue


Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash


Kansas City is the hub for authentic mouth-watering barbecues in different shapes, forms and sizes. It is home to various steaks and barbecue sauces, which everyone raves about. The delicious smoked meats here are a must-try for the foodies.


Looking for the best BBQ’s in Kansas City? Rush into the most talked about Joe’s Kansas City BBQ and Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue. You have to make sure to get a seat here, therefore, hurry up! These places are every BBQ lover’s hotspot.