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Destinations for Health Tourism: The Best Resorts in Europe


by Simon

Woman enjoying freedom on nature outdoors
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Hey there, fellow travelers! Ready to explore a side of Europe that’s not just about castles and cobblestone streets? Get set for a wellness adventure as we take a dive off the deep end into the fascinating, and incredibly popular lately, world of Health Tourism! We’re talking about resorts that are all about pampering your mind, body, and chakras. Picture this if you will – soaking in natural hot springs under the dancing Northern Lights, having your funny bone tickled on the Emerald Isle, and indulging in vinotherapy amidst beautiful French vineyards. Oh, and lest we forget, you could also hike your way to a healthy heart in the Swiss Alps? Get ready to be charmed and renewed as we take you on a journey through Europe’s top ten health resorts!


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1. Serenity Springs Retreat – Iceland

Alrighty, folks, let’s just state something very clearly from the get-go: Iceland has more to offer than just volcanoes and glaciers! Serenity Springs Retreat will blow your mind (and warm your bones) with its geothermal therapy. Imagine chilling (both literally and metaphorically) in natural hot springs while the ethereal Northern Lights put on a jaw-dropping light show above you. It’s nature’s way of giving you a massage! And hey, they’ve got an impressive range of meditation sessions and wellness workshops to level up the tranquility game to incredible heights.

2. The Laughter Lodge – Ireland

You’ve heard laughter is the best medicine, right? Well, The Laughter Lodge in Ireland gives a whole new meaning to that adage! Say goodbye to all your pent-up stress as you giggle your way to bliss with “laughter yoga” and comedy nights. And get this – they even have “tickle therapy” sessions! Don’t worry though; we’re pretty sure it’s not going to be as awkward as it sounds. Let the world-renowned Irish charm put a smile on your face!

3. Zen Haven – Greece

Ah, Hellas! The land of ancient wisdom and gorgeous sunsets. At Zen Haven on the beautiful island of Santorini, you’ll experience a holistic approach to wellness. Get ready to zen out with yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic healing. Plus, the calming Aegean Sea is right at your feet to wash away all of your worries.

4. Hearty Hikes Lodge – Switzerland

Feeling ready to conquer the mighty Swiss Alps? Well, maybe not conquer literally, but you can certainly hike your way to a healthier heart! Hearty Hikes Lodge combines breathtaking mountain treks with modern spa relaxation. After an adrenaline-pumping hike, you can even reward yourself with some Swiss chocolate. Hey, you’ve earned it – right?

5. The Chateau de Vine – France

Feeling like a touch of elegance and luxury is more up your alley? The Chateau de Vine in France offers a blend of wine and wellness. Indulge in vinotherapy spa treatments while surrounded by picturesque vineyards. Sip on that Bordeaux and feel all your stress melt away! But, can’t you just do that at home? Well, aside from having a selection of wines not available in your local supermarket, the views here are certainly something you can’t just get anywhere!

6. Baltic Bliss Retreat – Latvia

Ever wondered what it’s like to be hugged by amber? Not someone called Amber, but rather the fossilized tree resin. At Baltic Bliss Retreat in Latvia, you’ll find out! This unique resort incorporates amber’s healing properties into their spa therapies. Take a dip in the Baltic Sea and feel the magic of nature’s embrace rush over you.

7. The Roman Bathhouse – Italy

Take a step back in time at The Roman Bathhouse in Italy! This resort gives a modern twist to ancient Roman baths, with a wide range of wellness options. Soak in therapeutic thermal waters, enjoy mud baths, and let expert masseurs work their back-cracking magic. Ah, the perfect blend of history and luxury!

8. Forest of Tranquility – Germany

Nature lovers, this one’s for you! The Forest of Tranquility in Germany invites you to embrace “Shinrin-yoku” or what they have termed “forest bathing”. Connect with the trees, unwind with yoga, and savor organic cuisine. It’s all about finding peace in the heart of the woods. Allow yourself to feel at peace with the natural landscape, returning to your roots in this beautiful forest resort.

9. Mindfulness Meadows – Netherlands

In the fast-paced, modern world, finding peace is becoming harder and harder. Mindfulness Meadows in Zeeland, Netherlands offers precisely that. Dive into mindfulness practices, explore vibrant tulip fields, and enjoy a wide range of Dutch delights. Slow down and appreciate the present – it’s a gift we all need to learn to appreciate from time to time.

10. Portuguese Paradise Spa – Portugal

Last but not least on our list of wellness and health resorts, we have the Paradise in Portugal spa and resort, where the concept of “Saudade” comes alive. Overlooking the stunning coastline, this resort combines sea-inspired treatments with heartfelt hospitality. Surrender yourself to the pure tranquility of Portugal’s beaches.


Seekers of bliss, lovers of laughter, and wellness aficionados, these ten European health resorts are calling your name! Whether you’re craving adventure, relaxation, or a touch of luxury, Europe has it all. So, pack your bags, book AtoB airport transfer, embrace the magic of wellness, and return home with a heart full of memories and a renewed spirit. Cheers to your journey to rejuvenation!