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What To Pack For A Trip To Peru In June


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Lorraine Beardsley



Planning a trip to Peru in June? Congratulations! You are in for an incredible adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural experiences, and fascinating history. As you gear up for your journey, it’s essential to pack wisely to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip. June is considered the beginning of the dry season in Peru, with mild temperatures and fewer crowds compared to the peak tourist months.


In this article, we will guide you on what to pack for your trip to Peru in June, taking into account the climate, activities, and cultural norms. Whether you’re exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, hiking through the stunning landscapes of the Sacred Valley, or immersing yourself in the vibrant traditions of Cusco, having the right clothing, footwear, accessories, toiletries, and other essentials will greatly enhance your travel experience.


Peru offers a diverse range of environments, from the soaring Andes Mountains to the lush Amazon rainforest and the arid coastal desert. It’s essential to pack for variable weather conditions, as temperatures can vary significantly depending on the region you’re visiting. The key is to strike a balance between being prepared for cooler temperatures and being comfortable in warmer climates.


It’s also worth noting that Peru’s culture places importance on modesty and respecting local traditions. While major tourist sites are accustomed to visitors from different cultures, when venturing off the beaten path or visiting remote villages, it’s polite to dress more conservatively.


Now that you have a general understanding of what to expect, let’s dive into the specific items you should consider packing for your trip to Peru in June.



When it comes to clothing for your trip to Peru in June, versatility and layering are key. Here are some essential items to consider:

  • Lightweight and breathable tops: Pack a mix of short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts made from moisture-wicking materials to keep you cool and dry.
  • Layers for cooler temperatures: Although June in Peru tends to be mild, temperatures can drop, especially in the higher altitudes. Pack a lightweight jacket or sweater for layering, particularly for cooler evenings or early mornings.
  • Comfortable and durable pants: Opt for lightweight pants or convertible pants that can be converted into shorts if needed. Choose fabrics that dry quickly and have pockets to store essentials.
  • Hiking or outdoor shorts: If you plan on hiking or participating in outdoor activities, pack a pair of comfortable and durable shorts.
  • Swimwear: Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, especially if you plan on visiting coastal areas or taking a dip in hot springs.
  • Underwear and socks: Pack enough underwear and socks to last for the duration of your trip. Consider bringing a few pairs of moisture-wicking socks for hiking or outdoor activities.
  • Sun protection: Peru can have strong sun exposure, even in winter months. Be sure to pack a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with a high SPF.

Additionally, consider packing a lightweight, breathable rain jacket or poncho as there is a chance of rain in some regions of Peru in June. It’s always better to be prepared for unexpected weather changes.


Lastly, when choosing your clothes, opt for neutral colors that can easily be mixed and matched. This allows for greater flexibility and reduces the amount of clothing you need to bring.



Choosing the right footwear for your trip to Peru in June is crucial, as you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking and potentially hiking. Here are some footwear options to consider:

  • Hiking boots or trail shoes: If you plan on hiking in Peru’s breathtaking landscapes, it’s essential to pack sturdy and comfortable hiking boots or trail shoes. Look for footwear that provides ankle support, has a good grip, and is waterproof or water-resistant.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: For exploring cities and towns, it’s wise to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Opt for lightweight and breathable options that can handle long days of walking and sightseeing.
  • Flip flops or sandals: These are great for relaxing at your accommodation, visiting the beach, or using public showers.

Remember that the key is to bring footwear that is comfortable, versatile, and suitable for different activities and terrains. It’s also essential to break-in new shoes before your trip to ensure maximum comfort and minimize the risk of blisters.


Lastly, don’t forget to pack a few pairs of moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and prevent discomfort during long days of exploration.



When preparing for your trip to Peru in June, don’t forget to pack some essential accessories that will enhance your comfort and protect you from the elements. Here are a few items to consider:

  • Sun hat: Protect yourself from the strong Peruvian sun with a wide-brimmed hat. This will not only shield you from the sun’s rays but also help keep you cool.
  • Sunglasses: Invest in a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight.
  • Travel umbrella: A compact and lightweight travel umbrella will come in handy if you encounter unexpected rain showers during your trip.
  • Scarf or sarong: Pack a lightweight scarf or sarong that can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a cover-up in religious sites, as a shawl for cooler evenings, or as a beach towel.
  • Daypack or backpack: A small daypack or backpack is essential for carrying your daily essentials, such as water, snacks, sunscreen, camera, and other personal items.
  • Money belt or neck pouch: Keep your important documents, money, and cards safe by using a discreet money belt or neck pouch worn under your clothing.
  • Reusable water bottle: Stay hydrated while minimizing your environmental impact by bringing a reusable water bottle. It’s also a good idea to pack water purification tablets or a water filter if you plan on venturing into more remote areas.

Having these accessories packed and easily accessible will make your explorations in Peru more comfortable and convenient.


Remember to also pack any specialized accessories you may need for specific activities you plan to engage in, such as a snorkeling mask, binoculars for birdwatching, or a camera tripod for capturing stunning landscapes.



Packing the right toiletries for your trip to Peru in June will ensure you stay fresh and comfortable throughout your journey. Here are some essential toiletries to consider:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash: Opt for travel-sized bottles or transfer your favorite products into reusable travel containers.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Don’t forget your dental hygiene essentials.
  • Deodorant: Stay fresh and odor-free with your preferred deodorant or antiperspirant.
  • Face cleanser and moisturizer: Keep your skin clean and hydrated with your regular face care products.
  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the strong Peruvian sun by packing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF.
  • Insect repellent: Peru is home to mosquitoes and other insects, especially in the jungle regions. Bring a DEET-based insect repellent to protect yourself from bites.
  • Personal hygiene items: Don’t forget items such as menstrual products, razor, shaving cream, and any other personal care items you may need.
  • Travel towel: A compact and quick-drying travel towel can come in handy, especially if you plan on visiting hot springs or engaging in water activities.

Remember to pack these items in a clear, ziplock bag to comply with airport security regulations.


If you have specific toiletry preferences or require any specialized products, it’s advisable to bring them from home as they may not be easily available or have different formulations in Peru.


Lastly, it’s worth checking the baggage restrictions of your airline to ensure compliance with the allowed quantities of liquids and other toiletries.



When traveling to Peru, it’s important to be prepared with any necessary medications to ensure your health and well-being throughout your trip. Here are some essential items to consider packing:

  • Prescription medications: If you take any prescription medications, make sure to bring an adequate supply for the duration of your trip. It’s also recommended to carry a copy of your prescription and a note from your healthcare provider, especially for controlled substances.
  • Over-the-counter medications: Pack a basic travel kit that includes pain relievers, antihistamines, anti-diarrheal medications, and any other medications you typically use for minor ailments.
  • Altitude sickness medication: If you plan to explore the high-altitude regions of Peru, such as Cusco and Machu Picchu, it’s advisable to carry medication to alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness. Consult with your healthcare provider for appropriate medications.
  • First aid supplies: It’s always wise to have a small first aid kit with items such as band-aids, antiseptic ointment, adhesive tape, and gauze in case of minor injuries or emergencies.
  • Motion sickness medication: If you’re prone to motion sickness, especially during long bus rides on winding mountain roads, consider packing medication to alleviate symptoms.

It’s also recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances. Familiarize yourself with the terms of your insurance policy and keep a digital or physical copy of the insurance details easily accessible.


Additionally, research any specific health concerns or recommended vaccinations for the areas of Peru you plan to visit and consult with a healthcare professional well in advance of your trip.


Remember to pack medications in their original packaging and carry them in your carry-on luggage to avoid any issues with customs or lost baggage.


Travel documents

Before embarking on your trip to Peru in June, ensure you have all the necessary travel documents to have a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here are the essential documents to pack:

  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Peru. Carry a photocopy of your passport as an extra precaution and store it separately from the original.
  • Visa: Check the visa requirements for your nationality as Peru may require a visa for entry. If a visa is required, make sure to apply well in advance of your trip.
  • Flight tickets: Print out or have digital copies of your flight tickets for easy access during check-in and immigration procedures.
  • Accommodation details: Have a copy of your hotel reservations or any other accommodation bookings you have made. This will be useful for immigration purposes as well as ensuring a smooth check-in process.
  • Travel insurance: Carry a copy of your travel insurance policy, including emergency contact numbers. It’s essential to have coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, and other unforeseen events.
  • Itinerary and contact information: Prepare a detailed itinerary of your trip, including the dates, destinations, and contact information of the places you will be visiting. This will serve as a reference and can be helpful in case of emergencies.
  • International driver’s license: If you plan to rent a car or drive in Peru, check if an international driver’s license is required and make sure to bring it with you.

It’s always a good idea to have both physical and digital copies of your travel documents. Save digital copies on your phone or cloud storage for easy access in case of loss or theft.


Before leaving for Peru, double-check that you have all the necessary documents and ensure that they are valid throughout the duration of your stay.



When traveling to Peru in June, it’s important to pack the right electronics to capture your memories, stay connected, and navigate your way around. Here are some essential electronics to consider:

  • Camera: Peru offers stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, so don’t forget to bring a camera to capture those unforgettable moments. Whether you prefer a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, or a reliable smartphone with a good camera, make sure to pack the necessary accessories such as extra batteries, memory cards, and a charger.
  • Adapter and power bank: Peru uses a 220-240V voltage system, so check if you need a power adapter to charge your electronics. Additionally, carrying a power bank is handy for charging your devices on the go, especially during long journeys or when outlets are limited.
  • Phone and charger: Your smartphone can serve as a valuable tool for maps, communication, and accessing travel information. Don’t forget to pack your phone charger and consider downloading useful travel apps before your trip.
  • Headphones: Whether you enjoy listening to music or podcasts during your travels or need them for long flights, a pair of headphones or earbuds is essential.
  • Portable speaker: If you enjoy playing music while relaxing or socializing, a compact and portable Bluetooth speaker can enhance your experience.
  • Tablet or e-reader: If you enjoy reading or want to have easy access to travel guides or e-books during your trip, consider bringing a tablet or e-reader.

Remember to keep your valuable electronics secure and be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas or public transportation.


If you plan to use your mobile phone while in Peru, check with your provider about international roaming options or consider purchasing a local SIM card to save on data and call expenses.


Lastly, it’s recommended to have important contact numbers and addresses stored offline in case you don’t have internet access when you need them.


Outdoor gear

Peru is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of adventurous activities and breathtaking landscapes. If you’re planning to explore the natural wonders of Peru in June, here are some essential outdoor gear items to consider packing:

  • Hiking gear: If you plan on hiking in Peru’s stunning mountains or trails, make sure to pack appropriate hiking gear such as a daypack, hiking boots, hiking socks, moisture-wicking clothing, and trekking poles if desired.
  • Rain gear: Peru’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s wise to pack a lightweight, waterproof rain jacket or poncho, as well as a rain cover for your backpack.
  • Outdoor accessories: Other outdoor gear items to consider include a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, a multi-purpose knife or tool, a durable water bottle or hydration pack, a compass or GPS device, and a whistle for emergencies.
  • Camping gear: If you plan on camping in Peru’s beautiful outdoors, bring your camping essentials, including a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cooking equipment, and camping stove. However, always check the regulations and requirements for camping in specific areas before setting up camp.
  • Insect repellent: Protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects by packing a reliable insect repellent, especially if you plan on exploring jungle regions such as the Amazon.
  • Sun protection: Along with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, it’s vital to bring sunscreen with a high SPF, lip balm with sun protection, and lightweight, breathable clothing that covers your skin to protect against the strong Peruvian sun.

These outdoor gear items will ensure that you are well-prepared and comfortable during your outdoor adventures in Peru.


It’s crucial to research and understand the specific requirements and regulations of the activities or areas you plan to explore to make the most of your outdoor experiences.


Miscellaneous items

In addition to the essentials mentioned above, there are a few miscellaneous items that can greatly enhance your trip to Peru in June. Consider packing the following:

  • Travel pillow and blanket: Whether you’re taking a long flight or a bus ride through Peru’s scenic landscapes, a comfortable travel pillow and blanket will help you rest and relax along the way.
  • Reusable bags: Bring a few foldable and reusable bags. They come in handy for carrying groceries, souvenirs, or beach essentials.
  • Snacks: Pack some of your favorite snacks for the journey, especially for long bus rides or treks where food may not be readily available.
  • Waterproof bags or ziplock bags: These are useful for keeping your electronics, documents, or any other items safe from moisture or unexpected rain.
  • Travel-size laundry detergent: If you’re planning an extended trip or prefer to pack lighter and do laundry along the way, having travel-size laundry detergent can be helpful for washing clothes.
  • Travel sewing kit: A compact sewing kit can come in handy for quick repairs to clothing or gear during your trip.
  • Phrasebook or translation app: While many people in tourist areas speak English, having a phrasebook or translation app can be helpful when communicating in remote or non-touristy areas.
  • Travel locks and security cables: Protect your belongings by packing travel locks for your bags and consider using security cables to secure your luggage to fixed objects when necessary.

These miscellaneous items may not be essential, but they can certainly add convenience, comfort, and peace of mind to your travel experience in Peru.


Remember, packing light and being mindful of the weight and size of your luggage will make your journey more manageable and allow you to be more flexible during your adventures.



As you prepare for your trip to Peru in June, packing the right items is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable adventure. By considering the climate, activities, and cultural norms, you can tailor your packing list to meet your needs.


When it comes to clothing, opt for breathable and versatile pieces that can be layered for varying temperatures. Don’t forget essential accessories like a sun hat, sunglasses, and a travel umbrella to protect yourself from the elements.


Pack the necessary toiletries, medications, and travel documents, making sure to have backups and copies for added security. Consider bringing the right electronics, such as a camera, adapter, and power bank, to capture memories and stay connected.


If you plan on exploring Peru’s breathtaking outdoors, don’t forget to bring hiking gear, rain protection, insect repellent, and sun protection. Having these items will ensure a comfortable and safe experience while enjoying the natural wonders Peru has to offer.


Finally, remember to pack some miscellaneous items like a travel pillow, reusable bags, and snacks for added convenience and comfort.


As you embark on your journey to Peru, take in the beauty of the landscapes, immerse yourself in the rich culture, and create unforgettable memories. Enjoy your adventure and make the most of your time in this remarkable country.