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What To Buy As A Souvenir In Canada


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Erika Griner


Maple Syrup

When it comes to Canadian souvenirs, one item that truly embodies the country’s essence is maple syrup. Renowned for its rich flavor and golden hue, maple syrup is a beloved staple in Canadian cuisine and a must-buy for visitors.


Canada is the world’s leading producer of maple syrup, and its forests are abundant with maple trees tapped for their sap. The process of harvesting and producing maple syrup is deeply ingrained in Canadian culture and dates back centuries to the indigenous peoples who first discovered its sweet potential.


The unique taste of Canadian maple syrup is attributed to the country’s diverse climate and soil conditions, which contribute to the maple trees’ sap having a distinct flavor. The syrup’s versatility makes it a popular ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes, from drizzling it over pancakes and waffles to glazing meats or incorporating it into cocktails and desserts.


When purchasing maple syrup as a souvenir, it’s important to look for the official Canada Maple Leaf symbol, which ensures the product’s authenticity and quality. The grades of maple syrup can vary, from the lighter and milder Grade A types to the darker and more robust Grade B options.


In addition to traditional bottles of maple syrup, you can also find maple syrup-infused products such as candies, chocolates, and even skincare products. These make excellent gifts and provide a unique way to experience the iconic taste of Canada.


Maple syrup not only delights the taste buds but also supports local Canadian farmers and their sustainable practices. By purchasing maple syrup as a souvenir, you are not only bringing home a delicious treat but also a piece of Canadian heritage.


Indigenous Art and Crafts

Canada is home to a rich and diverse Indigenous culture that spans across First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities. One of the most meaningful and authentic souvenirs you can purchase in Canada is Indigenous art and crafts.


From intricate beadwork to beautifully carved sculptures, Indigenous art showcases the deep connection between Indigenous peoples and their land, history, and spiritual beliefs. Each piece of art tells a story, preserving and celebrating centuries-old traditions and cultural heritage.


When seeking Indigenous art and crafts as souvenirs, it is crucial to support ethical and fair trade practices. Look for reputable Indigenous art galleries, cultural centers, or Indigenous-owned shops that directly collaborate with local artists. By purchasing from these sources, you can be confident that the artists are being fairly compensated and that you are respecting and appreciating their culture.


Some popular Indigenous art forms to consider include:

  • Pottery and ceramics adorned with traditional designs
  • Dreamcatchers woven with natural materials and adorned with beads and feathers
  • Handcrafted jewelry made from materials like silver, bone, and shells
  • Birch bark baskets, known for their intricate weaving patterns
  • Totem poles, which are monumental carvings depicting ancestral stories and spiritual beings
  • Paintings and prints that capture Indigenous themes and symbolism

By purchasing Indigenous art and crafts, you not only bring home a unique and meaningful souvenir but also contribute to the preservation of Indigenous cultural traditions. These pieces are tangible connections to the rich history and heritage of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.


Remember to approach and appreciate Indigenous art with respect and understanding. Educate yourself about the significance and meaning behind the artwork, and always ask permission before taking photographs or videos of Indigenous cultural displays or performances.


Ice Wine

For wine enthusiasts or those looking for a unique Canadian souvenir, ice wine is a perfect choice. Ice wine is a type of dessert wine known for its exquisite sweetness and distinct production process.


Ice wine is made from grapes that have frozen on the vine, usually harvested in the winter months when the temperatures drop below freezing. The frozen grapes are carefully handpicked to ensure only the highest quality berries are selected. This meticulous process yields a small quantity of concentrated juice with a high sugar content.


Canada is renowned for its ice wines, particularly in regions like Ontario and British Columbia. These areas have ideal climatic conditions for producing this luscious wine. The extreme cold temperatures lock in the natural sugars and flavors of the grapes, resulting in a liquid gold elixir.


Ice wine is typically served chilled and pairs well with desserts, strong cheeses, or enjoyed on its own as a sweet indulgence. Its rich flavors range from notes of honey, apricot, and peach to hints of tropical fruits and caramel.


Purchasing ice wine as a souvenir allows you to take home a taste of Canada’s winemaking expertise and the unique terroir of the country. Look for wine producers that have received recognition and awards for their ice wines to ensure you are getting a quality bottle.


Ice wine also makes for an excellent gift or addition to special occasions. The luxurious and rare nature of ice wine can elevate any celebration or be a cherished memento of your time in Canada.


When purchasing ice wine, be aware of the restrictions and regulations enforced by your destination country or state, as some places have limitations on the importation or sale of alcoholic beverages. Always check the customs regulations and guidelines before making your purchase.


Bring home a bottle of Canadian ice wine and savor the sweet memories of your trip to Canada.


Canadian Whisky

When it comes to spirits, Canadian whisky holds a distinguished place in the world of whiskey aficionados. This popular and well-regarded spirit is a fantastic souvenir option for those looking to bring a taste of Canada back home.


Canadian whisky is known for its smoothness, versatility, and unique flavor profile. It is typically crafted from a blend of grains, including corn, barley, rye, and wheat. The precise combination of grains used in the production process adds to the complexity and character of the whisky.


What sets Canadian whisky apart is its aging process. Canadian law requires that it be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, although many whiskies are aged for much longer. This maturation period allows the whisky to develop deep flavors and aromas, resulting in a sophisticated and well-balanced drink.


One of the iconic characteristics of Canadian whisky is its renowned smoothness. Whisky connoisseurs often appreciate its gentle, mellow palate, making it an excellent choice for sipping straight or enjoying in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned or the Whisky Sour.


Canada’s whisky production is centered primarily in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. Each region puts its unique spin on the whisky-making process, resulting in a diverse range of styles and tastes. From lighter and fruitier expressions to bolder and spicier varieties, there is a Canadian whisky to suit every palate.


When purchasing Canadian whisky as a souvenir, look for local distilleries or specialty liquor stores that carry a wide selection. You can choose from single malt or blended whiskies, limited-edition releases, and even whiskies that have been finished in unique casks, such as wine or port barrels.


Buying Canadian whisky as a souvenir not only allows you to bring home a premium spirit but also supports local distilleries and the craftsmanship behind their products. It’s a testament to Canada’s whisky-making heritage and a memorable way to commemorate your time in the country.


Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast or simply appreciate fine spirits, Canadian whisky is a must-try and an ideal souvenir to take home from your Canadian adventure.


Hudson’s Bay Blankets

When it comes to iconic Canadian souvenirs, few items are as recognizable and cherished as Hudson’s Bay Blankets. These blankets have a rich history and have become synonymous with Canadian heritage.


Hudson’s Bay Blankets have been woven by the Hudson’s Bay Company, one of the oldest companies in North America, since the late 18th century. Initially traded as a commodity, the blankets quickly gained popularity due to their exceptional quality and warmth.


The blankets are made from 100% wool, which provides insulation in colder climates, making them ideal for keeping cozy during Canadian winters. The distinct color pattern of the blankets, known as the “point” blankets, features broad white stripes along each end, with narrow indigo, red, yellow, or green stripes in between. These colors and patterns have become synonymous with the Hudson’s Bay brand.


The blankets hold cultural significance for Indigenous communities across Canada as they were often used in trade with Indigenous peoples for furs and other goods. They have since become a symbol of the cultural exchange between European settlers and Indigenous communities and a reminder of Canada’s history.


While originally intended for practical uses, Hudson’s Bay Blankets have evolved into a beloved and timeless decorative piece. They can be draped over furniture, used as a picnic or beach blanket, or displayed as a wall hanging. These blankets are not only functional but also add a touch of rustic and Canadian charm to any space.


Purchasing a Hudson’s Bay Blanket as a souvenir allows you to bring home a piece of Canadian history and craftsmanship. Many variants and sizes of the blankets are available, from small throw blankets to larger bed-sized options.


Several Hudson’s Bay retail stores can be found across Canada, along with authorized retailers and online platforms. However, it is essential to ensure you are purchasing authentic Hudson’s Bay Blankets, as imitations exist. Look for the official Hudson’s Bay Company logo and labels to guarantee the blanket’s authenticity.


Whether you’re seeking warmth, history, or a touch of Canadiana for your home, a Hudson’s Bay Blanket is a remarkable and enduring souvenir that encapsulates the spirit of Canada.


Inukshuk Sculptures

One of the most recognizable symbols of Canada’s indigenous culture is the Inukshuk. These unique stone structures have deep cultural and spiritual significance and make for a meaningful and visually striking souvenir.


Inukshuk, meaning “in the likeness of a human” in the Inuit language, are sculptures traditionally created by the Inuit people, who inhabit the Arctic regions of Canada. These structures consist of stacked rocks arranged in a specific pattern to resemble a human figure with outstretched arms.


Inukshuk have served as important landmarks and navigational aids for generations of Inuit. They have guided travelers and marked areas of significance, such as hunting or fishing grounds. Additionally, Inukshuk have symbolic meaning, representing strength, guidance, and the interconnectedness of all people.


As a souvenir, Inukshuk sculptures are not only visually appealing but also carry a deeper significance. They can serve as a beautiful decoration for your home or garden and make for a unique piece of Canadian art.


You can find Inukshuk sculptures made from various types of stone, such as soapstone, marble, or granite. Each stone offers its characteristics and color variations, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Some sculptures may even incorporate other materials like wood or metal for added visual appeal.


It’s important to shop for Inukshuk sculptures from reputable sources that directly support Inuit artists and communities. Look for authentic sculptures handmade by Inuit artisans, as this ensures that you are purchasing a genuine piece of Indigenous art.


Whether you choose a small tabletop version or a larger outdoor sculpture, an Inukshuk souvenir will not only serve as a reminder of your time in Canada but also as a symbol of unity and respect for Indigenous culture.


Inukshuk sculptures make for memorable gifts and conversation starters, as they embody the rich tradition and spirituality of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Displaying an Inukshuk represents a connection to Canada’s vast and diverse cultural heritage.


Beaver-related Souvenirs

When it comes to iconic symbols of Canada, the beaver holds a special place. As the national animal and a representation of Canada’s history and wilderness, beaver-related souvenirs make for delightful and quintessentially Canadian mementos.


The beaver has long been recognized as a symbol of Canada’s connection to nature, resilience, and industriousness. This semiaquatic mammal played a significant role in Canada’s history as the mainstay of the fur trade, contributing to the exploration and development of the country.


Beaver-related souvenirs come in a variety of forms, ranging from plush toys to keychains, magnets, and even hats. These souvenirs often feature the beaver’s distinctive appearance, with its flat tail, stout body, and bucked teeth.


One popular beaver-related souvenir is the iconic stuffed beaver plush toy, loved by children and adults alike. These adorable toys can be found in various sizes and are a delightful way to bring home a cuddly reminder of Canada.


Other beaver-themed souvenirs include beaver-shaped keychains or magnets that can be attached to your belongings or displayed on your fridge. These small but charming items are easy to carry and share a piece of Canadian culture with friends and family.


In addition to the cuddly and whimsical items, you can also find beaver-themed apparel and accessories. T-shirts, hats, and scarves adorned with beaver designs are popular choices for those looking to flaunt their Canadian pride.


Purchasing beaver-related souvenirs not only offers a fun and lighthearted way to commemorate your time in Canada but also contributes to supporting local artisans and businesses. Many of these souvenirs are created by Canadian artists and designers who infuse their creativity and love for the iconic animal into their products.


Whether you choose a beaver plush toy as a gift for a loved one or opt for a beaver-themed accessory for yourself, these souvenirs capture the spirit of Canada and the enduring charm of the beloved beaver.


Canadian Rockies Memorabilia

The Canadian Rockies are a majestic mountain range that spans across the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, offering breathtaking landscapes, rugged peaks, and stunning natural beauty. If you’ve had the opportunity to explore this incredible region, Canadian Rockies memorabilia can serve as a tangible reminder of your time amidst these awe-inspiring mountains.


When it comes to Canadian Rockies memorabilia, there are endless options to choose from, each capturing the unique essence and grandeur of the region. Here are a few popular choices:


Postcards and Photographs: Postcards adorned with stunning images of the Canadian Rockies are a classic souvenir choice. These picturesque scenes can be displayed as a memento or sent to friends and family to share the beauty of the region. You can also consider purchasing professional photographs of the Canadian Rockies captured by local photographers to showcase as artwork.


Mountain-themed Artwork: The Canadian Rockies have inspired countless artists to create beautiful artworks that depict their majesty. Consider purchasing paintings, prints, or sculptures that evoke the spirit and grandeur of the mountains. These pieces add a touch of natural beauty to your home and serve as a lasting reminder of your time in the Canadian Rockies.


T-shirts and Apparel: Show off your love for the Canadian Rockies with t-shirts or hoodies adorned with mountain-themed designs or logos representing specific attractions such as Banff or Jasper National Park. These clothing items allow you to proudly display your connection to the region, even when you’re far away.


Hiking and Outdoor Gear: The Canadian Rockies are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and purchasing specialized gear can enhance your future adventures. Consider acquiring items such as water bottles, hiking maps, backpacks, or outdoor equipment branded with the Canadian Rockies logo or artwork. These practical and functional souvenirs will remind you of your time exploring the mountains while preparing you for future outdoor endeavors.


Books and Guides: Immerse yourself in the fascinating history, geology, and wildlife of the Canadian Rockies by taking home guidebooks, photography books, or novels set in the region. These literary treasures allow you to delve deeper into the wonders of the mountains, even after you’ve left.


Canadian Rockies memorabilia provides a way to encapsulate the magic and beauty of this incredible mountain range. Whether you prefer artwork, clothing, practical gear, or books, these souvenirs will always remind you of the awe-inspiring landscapes and unforgettable experiences of the Canadian Rockies.


Mountie-themed Gifts

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, affectionately known as the Mounties, are an iconic symbol of Canada. Their distinctive red serge uniforms and stetson hats have become synonymous with Canadian identity. When looking for Canadian souvenirs, Mountie-themed gifts are a perfect choice to celebrate the country’s rich history and cultural heritage.


Mountie-themed gifts come in various forms, showcasing the timeless appeal of these distinguished law enforcement officers. Here are some popular options:


Mountie Figurines: Miniature figurines depicting Mounties in their red serge uniforms are charming collectibles. These detailed figurines capture the essence of the Mounties’ iconic uniform and often accompany them with their trusted steed, adding a touch of Canadian history to any display.


Mountie Teddy Bears: Teddy bears dressed as Mounties are adorable and huggable souvenirs that appeal to both children and adults. These plush bears don miniature Mountie uniforms, complete with the iconic red serge and stetson hat. They serve as cuddly companions and reminders of Canada’s national pride.


Mug and Glassware Sets: Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a Mountie-themed mug or sip your favorite beverage from a glass adorned with images of Mounties. These practical souvenirs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and can add a touch of Canadian charm to your daily routine.


Mountie-themed Clothing: Embrace your Canadian spirit by wearing clothing items like t-shirts, hats, or scarves adorned with Mountie motifs or logos. This allows you to proudly display your connection to the iconic Mounties and showcase your Canadian pride.


Mountie Posters and Artwork: Decorate your walls with posters or artwork featuring powerful and patriotic images of Mounties. These visually striking pieces capture the spirit and bravery of the men and women who serve as Mounties, adding a touch of Canadian history and charm to your home or office.


Whether you choose a figurine, a teddy bear, a mug, or clothing, Mountie-themed gifts offer a special way to commemorate your time in Canada and celebrate its unique cultural heritage. These souvenirs serve as tangible reminders of the Mounties’ significant role in Canada’s history and their enduring legacy as beloved symbols of the country.


Inuit Carvings

The art of Inuit carving is an extraordinary expression of Inuit culture and craftsmanship. These unique and intricate sculptures, created by Indigenous Inuit artists, capture the essence of Canada’s Arctic heritage and make for captivating and meaningful souvenirs.


Inuit carvings come in various forms, from small handheld pieces to larger sculptures, each telling a story and representing aspects of Inuit life, mythology, and the vibrant wildlife of the Arctic.


The carving tradition has been a central part of Inuit culture for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. Inuit artists primarily use materials such as soapstone, bone, ivory, or antler to create their masterpieces. Each carving is meticulously shaped and intricately detailed, showcasing the skill and creativity of the artist.


The subjects of Inuit carvings are diverse, ranging from depictions of Arctic animals like polar bears, whales, seals, and caribou to representations of Inuit daily life, such as hunting, fishing, and traditional ceremonies. These sculptures often embody a deep connection to the natural world and spirituality, reflecting the cultural beliefs and values of the Inuit people.


When purchasing Inuit carvings as souvenirs, it is essential to support ethical and fair trade practices. Look for reputable art galleries, cultural centers, or Indigenous-owned shops that directly collaborate with Inuit artists. By doing so, you ensure that the carvings are authentic, and the artists are compensated fairly for their exceptional work.


Owning an Inuit carving not only allows you to bring home a piece of Canadian art but also serves as a cultural exchange, fostering an appreciation for the Inuit traditions and way of life. These sculptures can be proudly displayed as a centerpiece in your home or office, sparking conversations and appreciation for the rich heritage of the Inuit people.


Furthermore, purchasing Inuit carvings supports the community and economic development of Inuit regions, contributing to the preservation of cultural practices and generational knowledge.


An Inuit carving is a timeless and cherished souvenir that encapsulates the skill, craftsmanship, and cultural significance of the Inuit people. It is a tangible connection to Canada’s northern landscapes and the remarkable artistic talent that thrives within Indigenous communities.


Canadian-themed Clothing and Accessories

When it comes to Canadian souvenirs, clothing and accessories that feature Canadian themes are a popular choice. From t-shirts and hats to scarves and socks, there are numerous options available to showcase your love for Canada’s unique culture and heritage.


Canadian-themed clothing allows you to proudly display your connection to Canada and its iconic symbols. Some popular Canadian-themed apparel options include:


T-shirts: T-shirts with Canadian-themed designs are a staple souvenir. They often feature images of maple leaves, moose, beavers, or iconic Canadian landscapes. These t-shirts are comfortable, casual, and perfect for showing off your Canadian pride.


Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Stay cozy and warm with Canadian-themed hoodies and sweatshirts featuring designs inspired by Canada’s natural beauty, national parks, or famous cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. They are stylish, comfortable, and ideal for cooler weather.


Hats and Caps: Embrace the Canadian spirit with hats and caps adorned with Canadian flags, maple leaf motifs, or the logos of iconic Canadian sports teams. These accessories not only shield you from the sun but also make a fashion statement.


Scarves and Gloves: Stay fashionable and keep warm with scarves and gloves featuring Canadian-inspired patterns and colors. These accessories are practical, stylish, and add a touch of Canadian flair to any winter outfit.


Socks: Show off your Canadian pride from head to toe with socks adorned with Canadian symbols, maple leaf designs, or patterns inspired by Canada’s national colors. These fun and functional souvenirs will add some pep to your step.


In addition to clothing items, Canadian-themed accessories can enhance your daily style and act as a reminder of your Canadian adventures:


Bags and Backpacks: Carry your belongings in style with Canadian-themed bags and backpacks. These accessories often feature symbols of Canada’s wildlife, landscapes, or cultural heritage, making them functional and visually appealing souvenirs.


Jewelry: Add a touch of Canadian charm to your jewelry collection with pieces inspired by Canadian motifs like maple leaves or Inukshuk symbols. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, Canadian-themed jewelry is a beautiful way to showcase your love for Canada.


Canadian-themed clothing and accessories not only allow you to flaunt your Canadian pride but also serve as a fashionable and functional reminder of your time in Canada. They make excellent souvenirs for yourself or thoughtful gifts for friends and family, connecting them to the unique spirit and culture of Canada.


Indigenous Jewelry

Indigenous jewelry holds a special place in Canadian culture, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of Indigenous communities throughout the country. Each piece of Indigenous jewelry carries with it a unique story, deep cultural significance, and a connection to the land and traditions of Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.


Indigenous jewelry comes in a variety of forms, often incorporating natural materials and traditional techniques. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings, these pieces are not only stunning adornments but also expressions of Indigenous heritage and spirituality.


Materials commonly used in Indigenous jewelry include silver, wood, precious stones, beads, quills, and bone. Each material has its symbolism and significance, reflecting the natural resources of the land and the spiritual beliefs of the Indigenous peoples who create the jewelry.


Indigenous jewelry designs often feature intricate patterns, symbols, and motifs that represent cultural stories, ancestral wisdom, and the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the environment. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted, with the artist’s expertise and cultural knowledge shining through.


When purchasing Indigenous jewelry, it is crucial to support ethical and fair trade practices. Seek out reputable sources such as Indigenous-owned galleries, cultural centers, or shops that work directly with Indigenous artisans and respect their cultural rights. By doing so, you contribute to preserving cultural heritage and ensure that the artists receive fair compensation for their creations.


Indigenous jewelry is much more than a fashion statement. It is a tangible connection to Indigenous culture, a celebration of heritage, and a way to honor the traditions and contributions of Indigenous communities in Canada. When you wear Indigenous jewelry, you carry a piece of history and demonstrate respect for Indigenous knowledge, creativity, and artistic expression.


Whether you choose a delicate silver pendant, a beaded bracelet, or a hand-carved wooden necklace, Indigenous jewelry serves as a powerful and meaningful souvenir. It allows you to cherish the beauty and intricacy of Indigenous craftsmanship while showing your appreciation for the rich cultural diversity of Canada.