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Best Things To Do In Huaraz, Peru


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Verona Atieno

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It is said that grey is the colour of boredom. So if you wish to dash your life with a little bit of yellow and orange, head straight to Peru. Not just that, don’t stop until you get to Huaraz.


Peru is a country which is subdivided into 25 regions. These regions are further broken into provinces. However, the provinces are not equally spread. In essence, the region which scooped the most number of provinces is Ancash. The region with the least is Callao, which only has one province. Of interest is Ancash, the region which covers the province of Huaraz. It lies north-central of Peru, almost 420 kilometres into the north of Lima.


Getting To Huaraz From Lima

By Air

Huaraz has an airport located about 12 kilometres on its northwest part. It is called Comandante FAP German Arias Graziani Airport. The main airline operating here is LC Peru. However, the airline recently cancelled its flights to this region until further notice. This leads us to exploring other adventurous means. Otherwise, the flight normally takes about 50 minutes.


By Road

Firstly, you can hop on a bus. The ride usually costs between $8 and $23, based on the carrier bus, ticket class, and departure time. The distance is quite long requiring around 8 hours and 30 minutes. It is therefore recommended to travel at night or commence your journey early in the morning. Should you depart in the morning, you will arrive in Huaraz on time, at least before 8:00 PM. But should you travel at night, you will check in when Huaraz is waking up.


Some of the recommended bus service providers are Oltursa, Linea, Moviltours and Cruz del Sur.


Secondly, you can board a taxi or rent a car. You will save about an hour as you will consume around seven and a half hours. On top of that, you will enjoy privacy. But this come with a little extra cost compared to buying bus tickets.


Top 8 Attractions In Huaraz

Huaraz offers a perfect getaway from a mundane life. Are you wondering why? Check out what it is promising you in exchange for your quality time.



Laguna Wilcacocha

lagoon, huaraz

Photo by Diego Baravelli on Wikimedia Commons


This lagoon is a hot point for viewing the mountain ranges of Cordillera Blanca and Huaylas Valley. It is marooned on the Cordillera Negra.


Your best shot to Wilcacocha is via hiking. There is a clear and safe road which will guide you to the Laguna. Alternatively, one may use the available trail which is a bit steeper, but equally worth your sweat. Either way, it`s not such a lonely venture. For along the way, you will pass terraces, fields, and homes.



Plaza De Armas Huaraz

city square, huaraz

Photo by FMG on Wikimedia Commons


Plaza de Armas is a symbolic name given to the main squares in the cities of Peru. This is it for Huaraz. The square, which is totally picturesque, is located in Luzuriaga Avenue. It is well decorated with trees and topiaries.


It gives a tantalising view of the mountains that surround the city. You may sit pretty and watch as the busy people here go about their lives. Quite intriguing, now that you took a break from your own. Alternatively, take lovely photos with the amazing mountainous backgrounds.



Willcahuain Archaeological Site

willcahuain, huaraz

Photo by Yhhue91 on Wikimedia Commons


The ruin is more than 1000 years old. Apparently, it is also the largest building in Huaraz. It is about 8 kilometres on the north of the city.


It is a structure with three levels. All of them further got entrances from different sides of the ruin. It has a roof top which is round in shape and numerous passageways crisscrossing its interior. Certainly, people must have broken veins putting this up. Nothing that you would expect of the earlier generation.


The three levels each represented a faculty of the culture of Wari. Firstly, the underworld inhabited by the dead and their ancestors. Secondly, the world of human beings. And thirdly, heavens. The mummified remains of people used to be stored here. However, some might have been stolen during the colonial era. There is very little left of them.


A petite satellite stone stands firmly beside it. It is believed that it was used as a dungeon for the guarding watchman.



Museo Arqueologico De Ancash

museum, huaraz

Photo by Cbrescia on Wikimedia Commons


It is the regional museum of Ancash. It is the best place to be if you want a quick brush over the history of this region. Going through the entire museum consumes around 60 minutes. The museum has a collection of mummies and skulls of the earlier occupiers of the region.


A serene garden with a splash of statues behind the museum is also ready for your guard of honour. The statues are sculptures curved from stone. They are considered to be among the most ancient in South American. In addition, most of them belong to the cultural communities of Wari and Recuay.



Iglesia La Soledad

church, huaraz

Photo by Bruno Calderon on Wikimedia Commons


Other than being a church, you will get an awesome glimpse of the mountains from here. It was constructed in 1700. Some parts of the wall are decorated with gold leaf. The edges of the religious images installed are also coated with the same. Watch this gorgeous décor take your breath away.


The designs in this church, certainly evangelical, were drawn by two famous ancient artists, Teresa Luna and Cossio Morino. Also, there exists three representations of the image of Nazarene at the altar.


When the church has masses, it buzzes with life to include live choruses. The church ensures your spiritual realm does not lack during your stay in Huaraz. The locals are friendly and will be glad to share some moments of worship and gospel with you.


A couple of sculptures complete the inside of the church. They represent San Sebastian and Maria Magdalena.



Callejon De Conchucos

Before, this place was hard to traverse because of the horrendous terrain. But recently, a highway was constructed.


The highway comprises of a high tunnel. This tunnel is remarkably the highest in the whole world. It stands about 5000 metres above the sea level. Adventure will also take you across a hill wall along this highway, of approximately 1000 metres. This has led to the increase of tourists who seek adventure in this area. The adventure sends your adrenaline to the clouds. As a precaution, you might wanna carry some medication. Just in case you can’t withstand heights.



Cementerio General Presbitero Villon

Spanish terminologies can be a bit complex. This is a memorial park. It honours a total of 22,000 people who were swept away by an avalanche in 1970. This wrecking incident took only 2 minutes. It also holds another layer of graves – the people who died in 1985 during the war against Ecuador.


But in a twist of events, you will also capture heart-warming views of the mountains. The mixture gives a comforting feeling of people who are resting in peace.



Jiron Jose Olaya

Jiron Jose Olaya is an old street on the eastern side of Huaraz. It is a representation of the older Huaraz. In fact, it is the only surviving street which withstood pressure after 1970 earthquakes changed the region. The streets are quite narrow. Consequently, vehicles are prohibited. You will need to explore on your feet.


There is a fiesta along this street each and every Sunday. The restaurants set up tables and chairs on the streets for the Huaracinos. The place is filled with music. It is also a chance to quench your appetite for local cuisine. A variety of traditional dishes are readily availed including pachamanca, Ilunka soup, guinea pig, and cuy.


Best Accommodation Options At Huaraz


Hotels ln Hauraz


Huaraz is a hub full of classic hotels, lodges, and hostels. With that comes the different prices. They range from high prices to low budget prices mostly suited for back packers. Therefore, you have no excuse for not sticking around long enough to have fulfilling views of Cordillera Blanca.


Best Of Huaraz Weather

On average, this region experiences a mixture of rainfall and warmth all year through. Variation lies in the amount felt at any given time.


Low Season

If you enjoy warmth, Huaraz is hottest from mid-August to mid-September. During the day, the temperatures fluctuate around 31 degrees Celsius. None or very minimal rains are experienced.         


It is the least busy season where tourism is concerned. It is characterised by low prices of services and commodities.


December to February are the rainiest months of Huaraz. However, the area feels warmth too. Average daily temperatures range between 29.4 to 27.8 degrees Celcius. This is also the time when tourism is picking up.      


Peak Season

From March to May, the area is under a warm spell. Tourism is also at its peak and there are many interesting activities at bay. Rainfall is scarce and might be experienced for about ten days only. The weather is but perfect and welcoming. Stuff tend to be pricey. You should make advance bookings to avoid any disappointments.


June through to August is a time when tourism is slowing down. Actually, August tends to be the most dormant, where slow season certainly sets in.


With all these interesting things to do in Huaraz, make sure you don’t miss Huaraz when you’re in Peru!