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15 Awesome Viewpoints On Koh Samui, Thailand


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Rosalind Warren


Koh Samui, a tropical paradise located in Thailand, is famous for its stunning viewpoints that offer breathtaking vistas of the island’s natural beauty. From majestic mountains to pristine beaches, Koh Samui boasts a myriad of spots where you can take in the awe-inspiring scenery.

In this article, we will explore 15 of the most awesome viewpoints on Koh Samui, each offering a unique perspective and a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s charm. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast seeking adrenaline-pumping hikes or a serene seeker longing for tranquil panoramas, Koh Samui has something to offer everyone.

So, buckle up and get ready for a virtual journey through Koh Samui’s most remarkable viewpoints. From the iconic Big Buddha to hidden gems tucked away in the lush tropical forests, prepare to be amazed by the natural wonders that await you in this enchanting destination.

Big Buddha Statue Viewpoint

Koh Samui is home to the famous Big Buddha Statue, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the island. The glistening gold statue stands at a height of 12 meters and can be seen from miles away. From this viewpoint, you can soak in the breathtaking sight of the crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and surrounding islands. It’s a must-visit spot to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy picture.

Lad Koh Viewpoint

Lad Koh Viewpoint, also known as the Dawn of Happiness, is located on the southernmost tip of the island. As the name suggests, it offers a picturesque view of the sunrise, casting vibrant colors across the horizon. The viewpoint is perched on a cliff, providing an unobstructed view of the vast ocean. It’s a serene and tranquil spot to start your day.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Viewpoint

The famous Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, also known as the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, are a unique natural formation on the island. The viewpoint offers an up-close look at these rocks, which bear an uncanny resemblance to male and female genitalia. It’s an intriguing sight that draws tourists from all over the world.

Jungle Club Viewpoint

The Jungle Club Viewpoint is nestled amidst the lush tropical jungle and offers a stunning panoramic view of the island’s coastline. Perched on a hilltop, you can relax in the infinity pool while enjoying the breathtaking view. It’s also a popular spot for watching the sunset, as the sky transforms into a mesmerizing display of colors.

Magic Garden Viewpoint

The Magic Garden Viewpoint, also known as the Secret Buddha Garden, is a hidden gem tucked away in the hills of Koh Samui. The garden is adorned with statues, waterfalls, and lush greenery, offering a peaceful and enchanting experience. From the viewpoint, you can enjoy a scenic view of the surrounding valleys and feel a sense of tranquility.

Chaweng Viewpoint

Chaweng Viewpoint is situated on a hilltop overlooking one of the most popular beaches in Koh Samui. From this vantage point, you can marvel at the vast stretch of white sandy beach, turquoise waters, and the bustling cityscape. It’s a great spot to admire the natural beauty of the island while enjoying a refreshing sea breeze.

Khao Hua Jook Chedi Viewpoint

The Khao Hua Jook Chedi Viewpoint is located on the highest peak of Koh Samui and offers stunning panoramic views of the entire island. From here, you can witness the majestic mountains, dense jungles, and the sparkling coastline. It’s a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike.

Samui Viewpoint

Samui Viewpoint, also known as the Three Beaches Viewpoint, provides a breathtaking view of Lamai, Chaweng, and Grandfather’s Rock beaches. The viewpoint is perched on a hilltop, and on a clear day, you can see as far as the neighboring islands. It’s a popular spot for sunrise and sunset views, offering a picturesque setting to capture memorable moments.

Namuang Waterfall Viewpoint

The Namuang Waterfall Viewpoint offers a stunning view of the cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush green forests. The viewpoint provides a refreshing escape from the heat, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and sounds of the cascades. It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility.

Lamai Viewpoint

Lamai Viewpoint offers a mesmerizing view of Lamai Beach and the surrounding ocean. The viewpoint is accessible via a short hike, making it a popular spot for adventurers. Once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the coastline, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Guan Yu Shrine Viewpoint

The Guan Yu Shrine Viewpoint is located on a mountaintop and offers a panoramic view of Bang Rak Beach. The viewpoint is home to a giant statue of the Chinese deity Guan Yu, standing tall at 25 meters. It’s not only a place of worship but also a great spot to enjoy the serene beauty of the island.

Taling Ngam Viewpoint

Taling Ngam Viewpoint is a hidden gem on the west coast of Koh Samui. It offers a stunning view of the crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and the famous Five Islands. The viewpoint is known for its peaceful atmosphere and is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a serene moment.

Silver Beach Viewpoint

Silver Beach, also known as Crystal Bay, is a hidden gem on Koh Samui. The viewpoint provides a panoramic view of the pristine white sandy beach and the turquoise waters. It’s a peaceful and secluded spot, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the island.

Baan Lipa Noi Viewpoint

Baan Lipa Noi Viewpoint is located on the western side of Koh Samui and offers a picturesque view of Lipa Noi Beach. The viewpoint is surrounded by coconut groves and provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a great spot to watch the sunset and capture stunning photographs.

Laem Sor Pagoda Viewpoint

Laem Sor Pagoda is a stunning golden pagoda situated on the southern coast of Koh Samui. The viewpoint offers a breathtaking view of the pagoda against the backdrop of the turquoise ocean. It’s a place of tranquility and spirituality, making it a popular spot for meditation and reflection.


In conclusion, Koh Samui, Thailand offers some truly awe-inspiring viewpoints that will take your breath away. From stunning natural landscapes to breathtaking panoramic vistas, this tropical paradise is a haven for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences. Whether you prefer hiking up to a mountain peak, exploring hidden beaches, or enjoying a bird’s eye view from a luxury resort, Koh Samui has it all. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the island and soak in the mesmerizing views that will leave a lasting impression.With its diverse range of viewpoints, Koh Samui caters to every preference and budget. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a relaxation aficionado, you will find something that suits your tastes. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you in awe of Mother Nature’s wonders.


1. What are the best viewpoints on Koh Samui?

Some of the best viewpoints on Koh Samui include the Big Buddha Temple, Lad Koh Viewpoint, Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, and the Magic Garden. Each of these locations offers unique panoramas that showcase the island’s natural beauty.

2. Are there any viewpoints suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! Families with children can enjoy the viewpoints at Paradise Park Farm, where they can interact with various animals while taking in stunning views. The Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks also provide a unique experience for children and adults alike.

3. How can I reach the viewpoints on Koh Samui?

Most viewpoints on the island can be reached by car or motorcycle. Alternatively, you can hire a local guide who can escort you to the viewpoints while providing valuable insights about the island’s history and culture.

4. Are there any viewpoints suitable for sunrise views?

Yes, some viewpoints such as the Lad Koh Sunrise Viewpoint and the Secret Buddha Garden offer breathtaking views of the sunrise. Watching the first rays of the day bathe the island in golden hues is a truly magical experience.

5. Are the viewpoints crowded with tourists?

While some popular viewpoints may attract more tourists, there are also hidden gems that offer more privacy and tranquility. It is recommended to visit viewpoints during weekdays and early mornings to avoid crowds.