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How To Take The Train From Tallinn To St Petersburg


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Dianemarie Haas



Traveling by train from Tallinn to St Petersburg is a fantastic way to explore two beautiful cities and experience the charm of Russia. The journey takes you through picturesque landscapes, allowing you to relax and soak in the surroundings while also enjoying the convenience and comfort of train travel.


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is known for its well-preserved medieval old town and vibrant modern culture. St Petersburg, on the other hand, is a city rich in history, art, and grandeur, often referred to as the “Venice of the North” for its stunning canals and beautiful architecture. Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, this train journey will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of planning and taking the train from Tallinn to St Petersburg. From booking your ticket to crossing the border and arriving at your destination, we will provide you with all the information you need to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.


So, if you’re ready to embark on a memorable adventure, let’s dive into the details of how to take the train from Tallinn to St Petersburg!


Step 1: Planning your trip

Before you embark on your train journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg, it’s essential to plan your trip carefully. Here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Travel Documents: Ensure that you have a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining. Additionally, check if you need a visa to enter Russia and make sure to obtain it in advance if necessary.
  • Train Schedule: Research the train schedules to determine the departure and arrival times. Trains between Tallinn and St Petersburg usually operate once per day, so plan your trip accordingly.
  • Duration of the Journey: Take into account the duration of the train journey, which typically takes around 7-8 hours. Consider your comfort preferences and any necessary arrangements, such as bringing entertainment or snacks for the journey.
  • Language and Currency: Familiarize yourself with the basic Russian language, as it will come in handy during your trip. Additionally, ensure that you have the appropriate currency for your stay in St Petersburg.

Furthermore, research and gather information about the attractions and landmarks you wish to visit in St Petersburg. This will help you plan your itinerary and maximize your time once you arrive.


It’s also wise to confirm the availability of accommodation in St Petersburg and make necessary reservations in advance, as the city is a popular tourist destination and can get busy, especially during peak seasons.


By taking the time to plan your trip thoroughly, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg. So grab a map, do some research, and get ready for an adventure in Russia’s cultural and historical capital!


Step 2: Booking your train ticket

Once you have planned your trip, the next step is to book your train ticket from Tallinn to St Petersburg. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Online Booking: The most convenient way to book your train ticket is through online platforms. There are several websites and travel agencies that offer online ticket booking services for train journeys in Russia. Make sure to choose a reputable website and check for the available routes, train options, and ticket prices.
  • Train Stations: Alternatively, you can visit the train station in Tallinn to purchase your ticket in person. At the train station, look for the ticket counters or information desk where you can inquire about the train schedule, ticket availability, and prices. It’s advisable to bring cash or a credit card for payment.
  • Types of Tickets: When booking your ticket, you will have different options to choose from such as a standard ticket, a couchette ticket, or a sleeper ticket. The choice depends on your preference for comfort and privacy. A sleeper ticket, for example, provides a private cabin with a bed, while a standard ticket offers a seat similar to a regular train or bus.
  • Seat Reservation: For a smoother journey, consider reserving a specific seat or cabin in advance. This ensures that you have a designated space on the train and can avoid any potential discomfort. Some online platforms allow you to choose your seat during the booking process, while at the train station, the ticket clerk can assist you in selecting the desired seat.

It’s important to book your train ticket well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your spot and avoid any last-minute hassle.


Once you have successfully booked your train ticket, remember to keep it in a safe place and bring it with you on the day of your journey. You may need to present your ticket to the train conductor or staff during the trip.


With your train ticket secured, you’re one step closer to exploring the vibrant city of St Petersburg. Now let’s move on to the next step of getting to the train station in Tallinn.


Step 3: Getting to the train station in Tallinn

Before you embark on your train journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg, you need to make your way to the train station in Tallinn. Here are a few tips on how to get there:

  • Public Transportation: Tallinn has an excellent public transportation system, including buses and trams, which can take you to the train station. Check the routes and schedules to find the most convenient option for your location. You can purchase tickets from the driver or at designated ticket machines.
  • Taxi: If you prefer a more convenient and direct route, you can take a taxi to the train station. Taxis are readily available throughout the city, and you can either hail one on the street or use ride-hailing apps. Make sure to check the estimated fare and choose a reputable taxi service.
  • Private Transfer: Another option is to book a private transfer service, especially if you have a lot of luggage or prefer a more personalized experience. These services can be prearranged through various providers or organized by your accommodation. Private transfers offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring a hassle-free journey to the train station.

Regardless of the mode of transportation you choose, make sure to allocate enough time for the journey to the train station. Consider any potential traffic or delays, especially during peak commuting hours.


Upon arrival at the train station, locate the platform and departure area for the train to St Petersburg. The train station in Tallinn is well-organized, and signage will guide you to the correct platform. If you have any difficulty finding your way, don’t hesitate to ask the station staff or fellow travelers for assistance.


Now that you have successfully reached the train station in Tallinn, it’s time to board the train and embark on your journey to St Petersburg. Let’s move on to the next step!


Step 4: Boarding the train

With your ticket in hand and the train station in Tallinn reached, it’s time to board the train that will take you to St Petersburg. Here’s what you need to know about boarding the train:

  • Arrival Time: Arrive at the train station well before the departure time to ensure a smooth boarding process. It’s recommended to be there at least 30 minutes in advance, especially if you need to find your platform or complete any necessary customs or security procedures.
  • Platform Information: Check the display boards or listen for announcements to locate the correct platform for your train. Pay attention to the train number, departure time, and destination displayed on the boards. Follow the signs or ask the station staff for assistance if needed.
  • Validation and Identification: Before boarding the train, your ticket may need to be validated at the platform. Look for the designated validation machines or personnel and ensure that your ticket is stamped or scanned. Additionally, keep your identification documents readily available, as they may be checked by the train conductor during the journey.
  • Seat or Cabin: Once you have boarded the train, find your assigned seat or cabin. Refer to your ticket for the assigned seat number or cabin details. If you have any difficulty locating your seat, the train conductor or fellow passengers will be willing to help.
  • Luggage Storage: Stow your luggage securely in the designated storage areas. Some trains provide overhead compartments, while others have separate luggage racks near your seat or cabin. Make sure your belongings are properly stored and easily accessible throughout the journey.

Once you have settled into your seat or cabin and stowed your luggage, take a moment to relax and prepare for the train journey. Enjoy the scenery passing by outside your window and look forward to the upcoming adventure in St Petersburg.


The next step is the border crossing between Estonia and Russia, which we will discuss in the following section. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an exciting journey to St Petersburg!


Step 5: Crossing the border

As you embark on your train journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg, it’s important to be aware of the border crossing process between Estonia and Russia. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Passport Control: Shortly after departing from the train station in Tallinn, the train will reach the Estonian-Russian border. At this point, border control officials will board the train to check passports and immigration documents. Make sure to have your passport and visa (if required) readily available for inspection.
  • Customs Procedures: In addition to passport control, customs officials may conduct inspections and ask questions about your belongings. Be prepared to declare any restricted or prohibited items as per the customs regulations of both Estonia and Russia. It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the customs rules and regulations beforehand to avoid any issues.
  • Train Delays: Border crossing procedures can sometimes take some time, depending on the number of passengers and the efficiency of the officials. Be prepared for possible delays and factor them into your travel plans. Use this time to relax, enjoy the scenery, or engage in light conversation with your fellow travelers.

It’s crucial to remain patient and cooperative during the border crossing process. Follow the instructions of the border control officials, answer their questions truthfully, and provide any necessary documentation as requested. This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Once the border crossing procedures are completed, you will be officially entering Russia and continuing your train journey to St Petersburg. Sit back, relax, and look forward to immersing yourself in the culture, history, and beauty of this magnificent city.


Now that you’ve successfully crossed the border, let’s move on to the final step – arriving in St Petersburg!


Step 6: Arriving in St Petersburg

Congratulations! You’ve made it to St Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. As your train journey from Tallinn comes to an end, here’s what you need to know for a smooth arrival:

  • Train Station: The train will arrive at one of the major train stations in St Petersburg, such as Baltiysky Station or Moskovsky Station. Check the train schedule and station information beforehand to ensure you know which station you’ll be arriving at. This will help you plan your onward journey.
  • Disembarking the Train: Gather your belongings and prepare to disembark the train. If you had any larger or heavier luggage stored in the designated storage areas, make sure to retrieve them before leaving the train. Follow the signs or ask station staff for guidance if needed.
  • Exiting the Station: Upon leaving the train, you’ll find yourself in the train station concourse. Follow the signage to locate the main exit or the nearest exit to your desired destination. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask station staff or fellow travelers for directions.
  • Transportation from the Station: Once outside the train station, you’ll have various transportation options to reach your accommodation or desired destination in St Petersburg. These options include taxis, ride-hailing apps, public buses, or the metro. Choose the mode of transportation that suits your needs and budget.
  • City Orientation: Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and get your bearings. Look for landmarks or notable signs that can assist you in navigating the city. If you need assistance or directions, there are usually information desks or tourist information centers in or near the train stations.

As you step out into the vibrant city of St Petersburg, get ready to explore its grand palaces, iconic churches, and world-renowned museums. Consider having a map or navigation app handy to help you find your way around the city and make the most of your time there.


Now that you’ve successfully arrived in St Petersburg, it’s time to immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural wonders that this city has to offer. Enjoy your stay and make the most of your time in this magnificent destination!


That concludes our step-by-step guide on how to take the train from Tallinn to St Petersburg. We hope this information has been helpful and that you have a wonderful journey and unforgettable experiences in St Petersburg!


Tips for a smooth train journey

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable train journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg, here are some useful tips:

  • Arrive Early: Arrive at the train station well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. This will give you enough time to find your platform, go through any necessary procedures, and settle into your seat or cabin comfortably.
  • Pack Essentials: Pack essential items such as a valid passport, necessary travel documents, tickets, and identification. Additionally, bring along snacks, water, entertainment, and a travel pillow or blanket to make your journey more comfortable.
  • Stay Organized: Keep your ticket, passport, and other important documents in a secure and easily accessible place like a travel wallet or a designated pocket in your bag. This will save you from any unnecessary stress or confusion during the trip.
  • Follow Train Etiquette: Respect your fellow passengers and follow train etiquette. Keep your voice down, be mindful of personal space, and avoid playing loud music or videos. Additionally, be considerate when using shared facilities such as bathrooms and dining areas.
  • Bring Entertainment: Train journeys can be long, so bring entertainment options like books, magazines, music, or movies to keep yourself engaged during the trip. You can also take the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views outside your window or strike up conversations with fellow travelers.
  • Stay Hydrated and Comfortable: Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the journey. Dress in comfortable clothing and wear layers, as the temperature on the train may vary. It’s also advisable to wear comfortable shoes to make walking around the train station or train itself more comfortable.
  • Respect Local Customs: Respect the local customs and culture of the places you visit. Familiarize yourself with basic Russian phrases and greetings, as it shows respect and helps you connect with locals.
  • Keep Valuables Safe: Ensure the safety of your belongings by keeping valuables with you at all times. Use the luggage storage facilities provided on the train or secure your belongings under your seat or in an overhead compartment. Be cautious of your surroundings and beware of pickpockets when moving around the train station or crowded areas.

By following these tips, you can have a smooth and enjoyable train journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg. Sit back, relax, and embrace the adventure as you travel between these two beautiful cities!



Traveling by train from Tallinn to St Petersburg is an incredible experience that allows you to explore the rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes of Estonia and Russia. This step-by-step guide has provided you with all the information you need to plan and enjoy a smooth journey.


From planning your trip and booking your train ticket to navigating the train stations and crossing the border, every step holds its own excitement and adventure. By following the tips and suggestions outlined in this guide, you can make the most of your journey and create lasting memories.


As you embark on the train from Tallinn, be prepared to immerse yourself in the grandeur of St Petersburg. Marvel at the beautiful architecture, stroll along the canals, and explore the renowned museums and palaces that make the city so unique.


Remember, every journey is an opportunity for growth and discovery. Embrace the diversity and beauty of the destinations you encounter along the way, and cherish the connections you form with fellow travelers.


So, pack your bags, double-check your travel arrangements, and get ready for an unforgettable train journey from Tallinn to St Petersburg. Embrace the adventure, savor the moments, and let the magic of these incredible cities captivate you.


Happy travels!