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Snorkeling In Amed: A Guide To The Best Bays And Beaches


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Avie Hock



Welcome to the stunning coastal village of Amed, nestled in the northeastern region of Bali, Indonesia. Amed is a hidden gem that offers a unique and enthralling snorkeling experience that will leave you in awe of its underwater beauty. With its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a plethora of marine life, Amed has become a sought-after destination for snorkelers from around the world.


Snorkeling in Amed is a magical adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in a thriving aquatic ecosystem. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, Amed has a variety of bays and beaches that cater to all skill levels, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the wonders of the underwater world.


One of the reasons why Amed is a popular choice for snorkeling enthusiasts is its untouched and pristine nature. Unlike other tourist hotspots in Bali, Amed has managed to maintain its authentic charm and tranquility. The absence of large crowds and commercialization allows for a more intimate and immersive snorkeling experience. You can truly connect with nature and feel the serenity of the sea as you marvel at the kaleidoscope of marine life that awaits you.


Another compelling aspect of snorkeling in Amed is its diverse range of snorkeling spots. From picturesque bays to captivating shipwrecks, Amed has it all. Whether you prefer exploring vibrant coral gardens or venturing to the depths to discover hidden treasures, there is something for everyone in Amed.


In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a journey to the best bays and beaches in Amed for snorkeling. We will provide you with valuable information on the equipment you’ll need, as well as detailed descriptions of the most captivating snorkeling spots. So, grab your snorkel gear and get ready to delve into the magnificent underwater world of Amed!


Amed: An Overview

Nestled along the scenic coastline of eastern Bali, Amed is a small coastal village known for its natural beauty and serene atmosphere. Unlike the bustling tourist destinations in the south of Bali, Amed offers a more laid-back and tranquil experience for visitors seeking a peaceful getaway.


Amed comprises a series of picturesque fishing villages, each with its own unique charm. The main villages include Amed, Jemeluk, Lipah, Aas, and Selang, all of which boast stunning coastal views and easy access to the vibrant coral reefs that make the area a snorkeler’s paradise.


Beyond its appeal to snorkelers, Amed offers a glimpse into the traditional life of the Balinese people. The locals here are friendly and welcoming, always ready to share their rich culture and heritage with visitors. You can explore traditional markets, witness traditional fishing practices, or even take part in a local ceremony or festival if you’re lucky to visit during such times.


One of the factors that sets Amed apart from other popular tourist destinations is its diverse range of accommodation options. From budget-friendly homestays to luxurious beachfront resorts, there is something to suit every traveler’s preference and budget. Immerse yourself in the laid-back lifestyle and wake up to the sound of crashing waves as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunrise over the sea.


Amed is not only a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts but also for adventure seekers. The surrounding hills and Mount Agung provide ample opportunities for hiking, trekking, and exploring the lush landscapes of this region. You can embark on a scenic trek to Pura Lempuyang, visit the ancient water palace of Tirta Gangga, or indulge in soothing hot springs in the nearby village of Banjar.


When it comes to culinary delights, Amed offers a range of dining options that showcase the local flavors of Bali. You can savor fresh seafood, traditional Balinese dishes, or international cuisines while enjoying a backdrop of breathtaking ocean views. Be sure to try the local specialty of grilled fish, prepared with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices, for a true gastronomic delight.


With its unspoiled charm, stunning landscapes, and remarkable snorkeling experiences, Amed is undoubtedly a destination that will captivate the hearts of nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. So, put on your snorkel gear, strap on your hiking boots, and get ready to uncover the wonders that await you in the enchanting village of Amed.


Equipment Needed for Snorkeling

Before diving into the azure waters of Amed, it’s important to ensure you have the right equipment to make your snorkeling experience safe and enjoyable. Here is a list of essential gear you’ll need:

  1. Mask: A well-fitting mask is crucial for clear underwater vision. Look for a mask with a comfortable silicone skirt that creates a tight seal around your face. It should also have a wide field of view and an adjustable strap for a customized fit.
  2. Snorkel: A snorkel allows you to breathe while your face is submerged. Opt for a snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece and a purge valve to easily clear any water that enters the tube. A dry-top snorkel is also advisable to prevent water from entering when you dive underwater.
  3. Fins: Fins provide propulsion and help you move effortlessly through the water. Look for snorkeling fins that fit snugly yet comfortably. Open-heel fins with adjustable straps are recommended as they offer a better fit and can accommodate different foot sizes.
  4. Rash Guard or Wetsuit: Depending on the water temperature, you may want to consider wearing a rash guard or wetsuit. These garments provide insulation, protect your skin from the sun, and offer some protection against minor scrapes and jellyfish stings. Choose a thickness suitable for the water temperature you’ll be snorkeling in.
  5. Life Jacket or Floatation Device: If you’re not a strong swimmer or prefer extra safety, wearing a life jacket or using a floatation device is highly recommended. This will ensure you stay afloat effortlessly and provide peace of mind while you explore the underwater wonders of Amed.
  6. Sunscreen: Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is essential, even when snorkeling. Apply a waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF to exposed areas of your body. It’s important to choose a reef-safe sunscreen to help preserve the delicate marine ecosystem.
  7. Underwater Camera: Don’t forget to capture the incredible beauty of Amed’s underwater world with an underwater camera. Whether you prefer a waterproof action camera, a compact point-and-shoot, or a DSLR with a waterproof housing, having a camera will allow you to treasure and share your snorkeling memories.

It’s important to note that while snorkeling equipment can be rented from dive shops in Amed, having your own gear ensures a personalized and comfortable fit. Additionally, having the right equipment and being familiar with its use will enhance your confidence and overall snorkeling experience.


Now that you’re equipped with the essential gear and knowledge, you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable snorkeling adventure in the pristine waters of Amed.


Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk Bay is regarded as one of the crown jewels of snorkeling spots in Amed. Located near the village of Amed, this stunning bay offers a vibrant underwater world that will leave you in awe.


As you enter the clear turquoise water of Jemeluk Bay, you’ll be greeted by a dazzling array of colorful coral reefs teeming with an abundance of marine life. The coral gardens are home to a variety of tropical fish species, including parrotfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, and many more.


The bay’s calm and relatively shallow waters make it an ideal snorkeling spot for both beginners and experienced snorkelers. The gentle currents and excellent visibility provide an optimal environment for exploring the underwater wonders at your own pace.


One of the highlights of snorkeling in Jemeluk Bay is the magnificent coral wall that stretches along its coastline. This vertical drop-off is a sight to behold, with a profusion of corals and sponges decorating the wall in vibrant hues.


For those seeking a unique snorkeling experience, Jemeluk Bay also offers a man-made underwater temple known as the Jemeluk Temple Garden. This enchanting site features statues of Hindu gods and goddesses nestled among the coral reefs. Snorkeling around these statues provides a surreal and spiritual encounter, creating a truly memorable experience.


When you need a break from snorkeling, take some time to relax on the pristine white sand beach that lines Jemeluk Bay. With its stunning backdrop of lush green hills, it’s the perfect spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.


In addition to snorkeling, Jemeluk Bay is a popular spot for diving, offering opportunities to explore deeper underwater realms and encounter larger marine species. Many dive centers in the area offer PADI courses and guided dives for those looking to take their underwater adventures to the next level.


With its mesmerizing underwater vistas, abundant marine life, and awe-inspiring coral formations, Jemeluk Bay is undoubtedly a must-visit snorkeling destination in Amed. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of this bay and discover the captivating world that lies beneath its surface.


Japanese Shipwreck

Located just a short distance from Jemeluk Bay, the Japanese Shipwreck is a fascinating snorkeling site that holds a piece of history beneath the azure waters of Amed. This shipwreck is a testament to Amed’s rich maritime past and offers a unique and captivating snorkeling experience for enthusiasts.


The wreck itself dates back to World War II when a Japanese cargo ship hit a reef and sank. Over time, the wreckage has become a haven for marine life, transforming it into an underwater sanctuary and a popular attraction for snorkelers and divers alike.


As you descend into the depths, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the shipwreck resting on the sandy seabed. The hull of the ship is now covered in vibrant corals, giving it an otherworldly appearance. Exploring the nooks and crannies of the shipwreck, you’ll encounter a myriad of marine species that have made it their home.


Snorkeling around the Japanese Shipwreck offers a unique opportunity to witness the interplay between the man-made structures and the natural marine environment. Schools of colorful tropical fish like lionfish, triggerfish, and surgeonfish can be observed darting in and out of the wreckage, creating a stunning visual spectacle.


Don’t forget to look out for other intriguing creatures that have made the shipwreck their habitat, such as moray eels, octopuses, and even sea turtles. These encounters, combined with the haunting atmosphere of the shipwreck, make snorkeling at this site an unforgettable experience.


Snorkelers of varying skill levels can enjoy the Japanese Shipwreck, as it offers different depths ranging from shallow to moderately deep areas. However, it is recommended to have some snorkeling experience and good buoyancy control when exploring the deeper sections.


Due to the ever-changing nature of the marine environment, it’s important to be mindful and respectful while snorkeling around the shipwreck. Avoid touching or damaging the corals, as they are fragile and take a long time to grow. By practicing responsible snorkeling, we can ensure the preservation of this unique ecological treasure for future generations to enjoy.


With its historical significance and abundant marine life, the Japanese Shipwreck in Amed provides a captivating snorkeling experience that combines natural beauty with a glimpse into the past. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and embark on an adventure to discover the hidden secrets of this remarkable underwater world.


Lipah Bay

Lipah Bay is a picturesque snorkeling spot located in the village of Lipah, just a short drive from Amed. With its tranquil waters and an abundance of marine life, it is a favorite destination for snorkelers seeking a relaxed and breathtaking underwater experience.


One of the main attractions of Lipah Bay is its stunning coral reef, which stretches along the coastline. As you venture into the azure waters, you’ll be greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors as vibrant corals come to life, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for your snorkeling adventure.


The vibrant coral formations in Lipah Bay are home to a multitude of marine species. Keep an eye out for anemone fish, like the famous Clownfish, darting in and out of their colorful homes. Schools of damselfish, butterflyfish, and angelfish also grace the waters, creating a lively and captivating scene.


The calm and relatively shallow depth of Lipah Bay make it an ideal snorkeling spot for beginners and families with children. The gentle currents and excellent visibility allow for easy exploration of the underwater marvels without feeling overwhelmed.


For those seeking a unique snorkeling experience in Lipah Bay, consider venturing further from the shore to discover the submerged underwater sculptures. These artistic creations, designed to encourage coral growth and act as artificial reefs, provide an ethereal atmosphere as colorful fish dart among them.


In addition to snorkeling, Lipah Bay offers opportunities for other water activities such as swimming and paddleboarding. The calm and clear waters provide a safe space for you to enjoy other aquatic adventures or simply relax on the sandy beach and soak up the tropical sun.


If you’re feeling peckish after your snorkeling excursion, Lipah Bay also offers a range of beachside warungs and restaurants where you can indulge in local Balinese cuisine. Feast on fresh seafood dishes, savor traditional Indonesian delicacies, or simply enjoy a refreshing fruit shake while taking in the breathtaking coastal views.


Lipah Bay’s natural beauty, vibrant marine life, and laid-back atmosphere make it a must-visit snorkeling destination in Amed. Immerse yourself in the tranquility, explore the colorful underwater world, and create lasting memories in this enchanting bay.


Aas Bay

Aas Bay is a hidden gem nestled along the coastline of Amed that offers a secluded and pristine snorkeling experience. This charming bay is known for its tranquil atmosphere, crystal-clear waters, and stunning marine biodiversity, making it a paradise for snorkelers seeking a serene escape.


One of the standout features of Aas Bay is the vibrant coral garden that thrives beneath the surface. As you dip below the water, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking display of coral formations in a kaleidoscope of colors. These coral gardens teem with a wide range of marine life, from neon-colored reef fish to majestic sea turtles.


The calm and gentle currents of Aas Bay make it an ideal snorkeling spot for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, you’ll appreciate the ease of navigation and the opportunity to explore the underwater wonders at your own pace.


One of the highlights of snorkeling in Aas Bay is the possibility of encountering sea turtles. These gentle creatures can often be spotted gracefully gliding through the water or resting on the sandy seabed. Swimming alongside these majestic beings is a truly magical experience that will leave a lasting impression.


In addition to the vibrant marine life, Aas Bay also offers impressive visibility, allowing snorkelers to fully appreciate the beauty of the underwater world. The clarity of the water enables you to see intricate details of the corals and the vibrant colors of the fish, creating a mesmerizing snorkeling experience.


When you’re not exploring the underwater realm, take the time to relax on the soft sandy beach of Aas Bay. Unwind under the shade of swaying palm trees, listen to the gentle lapping of the waves, and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of this serene coastal oasis.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also venture beyond the snorkeling site of Aas Bay and explore the surrounding cliffs and rock formations. The rugged coastline provides a picturesque backdrop for memorable snorkeling excursions and opportunities to discover hidden coves.


Due to the secluded nature of Aas Bay, it offers a sense of tranquility and solitude that is hard to find in more popular tourist destinations. Take the time to appreciate the pristine beauty of this hidden treasure and connect with the natural surroundings in a way that truly revitalizes the spirit.


With its peaceful atmosphere, breathtaking marine life, and untouched beauty, Aas Bay offers a remarkable snorkeling experience that will leave you with cherished memories. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this secluded bay and let the wonders of the underwater world unfold before your eyes.


Selang Beach

Selang Beach is a pristine and tranquil stretch of coastline located in the charming village of Selang in Amed. This secluded beach offers a serene setting for snorkelers to explore the underwater wonders of Amed while surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.


As you step onto the soft golden sand of Selang Beach, you’ll be spellbound by the picturesque views of swaying palm trees and the crystal-clear waters that stretch out before you. The calm and clear waters of this beach make it an ideal spot for snorkeling adventures.


The marine life at Selang Beach is abundant and diverse, making it a haven for snorkelers. Dive into the tranquil waters and discover a kaleidoscope of colorful coral formations, serving as a shelter for a myriad of tropical fish species. Keep your eyes peeled for surgeonfish, butterflyfish, and the occasional sighting of moray eels, all adding to the thrill of exploring this underwater oasis.


One of the unique features of Selang Beach is the presence of underwater statues and sculptures. These artistic installations provide an enchanting underwater garden for marine life to flourish and create a whimsical atmosphere for snorkelers. Swimming amongst these sculptures offers a surreal and memorable experience.


The beach itself serves as an idyllic spot to relax after your snorkeling adventures. Stretch out on the powdery sand, bask in the warm tropical sun, and listen to the gentle lapping of the waves. Savor the serenity of Selang Beach, as it is still relatively undiscovered by crowds, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.


For those seeking more than just snorkeling, Selang Beach offers opportunities for other water activities such as stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking. Glide across the calm waters and soak in the beauty of your surroundings from a different perspective.


End your day with a breathtaking view of the sunset from Selang Beach. Witness the sky ablaze with vibrant hues as the sun sinks below the horizon, casting a magical glow over the beach. This natural spectacle provides the perfect end to a day of adventure and relaxation.


With its secluded charm, abundant marine life, and stunning natural surroundings, Selang Beach is a true gem within the Amed region. Embrace the sense of tranquility and immerse yourself in the beauty of both the land and sea at this extraordinary snorkeling destination.


Pyramids Beach

Tucked away in the village of Bunutan, Pyramids Beach is a hidden gem that offers a unique snorkeling experience in Amed. With its stunning underwater topography and abundance of marine life, Pyramids Beach is a must-visit destination for snorkelers seeking a truly captivating adventure.


Pyramids Beach derives its name from the striking rock formations that resemble pyramids, further adding to its allure. These unique underwater formations create a captivating landscape for snorkelers to discover. As you explore the depths, you’ll be amazed by the intricate network of coral structures and the multitude of marine species that call this area home.


Snorkeling at Pyramids Beach offers a blend of soaring coral walls, sandy patches, and vibrant fish darting among the corals. This diversity of underwater environments makes for an exciting and varied snorkeling experience as you navigate through this underwater paradise.


The crystal-clear waters of Pyramids Beach boast excellent visibility, allowing you to witness the vibrant colors and intricate details of the coral formations and marine life. Look out for schools of tropical fish darting through the reef, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and the occasional sighting of playful clownfish.


Pyramids Beach is also known for its unique underwater statues, which create an artistic and surreal ambiance. Snorkeling amidst these statues provides a sense of wonder and discovery, making it a truly memorable experience.


Aside from snorkeling, Pyramids Beach offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and soaking up the natural beauty of the surroundings. Relax on the pristine sandy beach, listen to the gentle sounds of the waves, and let the tranquility of Pyramids Beach wash over you.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also explore the nearby rock pools and tidal areas during low tide. These fascinating ecosystems are teeming with small marine creatures, adding a unique twist to your snorkeling adventure.


Whether you’re a novice snorkeler or an experienced enthusiast, Pyramids Beach in Amed offers an enchanting and captivating underwater experience. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this hidden gem and let the wonders of the underwater world unfold before your eyes.



Snorkeling in Amed, Indonesia, offers a truly exceptional experience for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and underwater enthusiasts. With its pristine waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, Amed has become a paradise for snorkelers from around the world.


From the stunning bays of Jemeluk, Lipah, and Aas to the captivating Japanese Shipwreck and the serene beaches of Selang and Pyramids, Amed offers a multitude of snorkeling spots catering to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced snorkeler, Amed has something to offer everyone.


Equipped with the essential snorkeling gear, including a mask, snorkel, fins, and sun protection, you’ll be ready to embark on a journey beneath the surface of Amed’s turquoise waters. Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors as you explore vibrant coral gardens and encounter an array of tropical fish species.


Amed not only captivates with its underwater beauty but also with its unspoiled charm and tranquility. Unlike the bustling tourist hotspots in Bali, Amed has managed to maintain its authentic village atmosphere, allowing for a more intimate and immersive snorkeling experience.


Immerse yourself in the rich Balinese culture, indulge in local flavors, and explore the scenic landscapes beyond the snorkeling sites, such as hiking to Mount Agung or visiting nearby temples and water palaces. Amed offers a total escape from the ordinary, allowing you to truly connect with nature and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.


As you explore the best snorkeling spots in Amed, remember to practice responsible snorkeling by respecting the delicate marine ecosystems, avoiding touching or damaging the corals, and using reef-safe sunscreen to help preserve the pristine environment for future generations.


Snorkeling in Amed is a journey of discovery, an opportunity to witness the beauty and wonders that lie beneath the surface of the sea. So, grab your snorkel gear, immerse yourself in the underwater world, and create memories that will last a lifetime in the enchanting paradise of Amed.