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What Food Can I Buy As Souvenir From Hong Kong


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Cyndy Truitt



Welcome to the vibrant city of Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis renowned for its stunning skyline, rich history, and diverse culinary scene. As you explore the lively streets and immerse yourself in the local culture, you may find yourself wondering what unique and delicious food souvenirs you can bring back home to share with friends and family. Fortunately, Hong Kong offers an array of delightful treats that make for perfect edible mementos.


From traditional pastries to savory specialties, there is a wide range of food items that encapsulate the essence of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage. These food souvenirs not only represent the city’s flavors but also make for wonderful gifts that will leave a lasting impression. So, before you pack your bags, let’s delve into the world of Hong Kong’s popular food souvenirs.


Whether you are a fan of sweet treats or savory delicacies, Hong Kong has something to satisfy every palate. From indulging in mouthwatering egg tarts to savoring the unique taste of pineapple buns, you can find an array of delectable offerings that are sure to please.


Aside from their irresistible taste, these food souvenirs also provide a glimpse into Hong Kong’s culinary traditions and cultural heritage. Taking a bite out of these delicacies will transport you to the bustling streets of Hong Kong and leave you yearning for more.


In the following sections, we will explore ten popular food souvenirs from Hong Kong that are sure to impress. From the infamous egg tarts to the aromatic Hong Kong-style milk tea, get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey through this enchanting city. So, let’s dive in!


Popular Food Souvenirs from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a food lover’s paradise, and there’s no shortage of delectable treats to bring back as souvenirs. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory flavors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are ten popular food souvenirs from Hong Kong that you can’t afford to miss:

  1. Egg tarts: A staple in Hong Kong’s dessert scene, these delicious pastries consist of a flaky crust filled with a creamy custard center. The combination of the buttery crust and the silky smooth filling creates a heavenly taste that will leave you craving for more.
  2. Pineapple buns: Despite their name, these buns don’t actually contain pineapple. Instead, they are named for their distinct appearance, with a crispy golden crust that resembles the skin of a pineapple. Inside, you’ll find a soft, fluffy bread that pairs perfectly with a slab of butter tucked in the middle.
  3. Wife cakes: These traditional Cantonese pastries are made with a flaky pastry crust filled with a sweet and nutty mixture of winter melon, almond paste, and sesame seeds. They have a delightful crunch and a unique flavor that will leave a lasting impression.
  4. Hong Kong-style milk tea: If you’re a tea enthusiast, you can’t leave Hong Kong without trying their famous milk tea. Made with a strong brew of black tea and evaporated or condensed milk, this beverage is rich, creamy, and packed with robust flavors.
  5. Malted candy: This unique treat is made by toasting malted grains and compressing them into bite-sized candies. It has a pleasant malty taste and a satisfying crunch, making it a popular snack among locals and tourists alike.
  6. Dried seafood: Hong Kong is known for its dried seafood markets, where you can find a wide range of dried fish, shrimp, abalone, and scallops. These delicacies have a strong umami flavor and are perfect for adding a burst of taste to soups, stir-fries, and other dishes.
  7. Chinese herbal tea: For a taste of traditional Chinese medicine, try Hong Kong’s Chinese herbal tea. These teas are made from a combination of herbs and have various health benefits, such as aiding digestion or soothing a sore throat.
  8. Preserved fruits: Hong Kong’s preserved fruits are a delightful combination of sweet and tangy flavors. From dried mangoes to preserved plums, these treats make for a healthy and portable snack.
  9. BBQ pork (Char siu): Succulent, tender, and full of flavor, Hong Kong’s BBQ pork is a must-try. The meat is marinated in a sweet and savory sauce and roasted to perfection, resulting in juicy slices of char siu that will leave your taste buds wanting more.
  10. Bean curd pudding (Tau fu fa): This silky smooth dessert is made from fresh soy milk and set with gypsum or gelatin. It has a delicate sweetness and is often served with a sweet ginger syrup for an extra touch of flavor.

These popular food souvenirs from Hong Kong are not only delicious, but they also represent the unique culinary culture of the city. Whether you’re treating yourself or bringing goodies back for your loved ones, these tasty treats will provide a lasting memory of your time in Hong Kong.


Egg Tarts

When it comes to iconic Hong Kong desserts, egg tarts are at the top of the list. These delectable pastries consist of a flaky, buttery crust filled with a smooth and creamy egg custard. The combination of the lightly sweetened custard and the delicate pastry creates a heavenly dessert that is beloved by locals and visitors alike.


Egg tarts have a long history in Hong Kong, dating back to the influence of Portuguese custard tarts. However, the Hong Kong-style egg tart has evolved to have its own unique characteristics. The crust is typically made with a combination of butter and lard, resulting in a rich and flaky texture. The custard filling is made with a blend of eggs, sugar, milk, and sometimes a hint of vanilla or almond extract.


These delectable treats can be found in bakeries and dim sum restaurants across Hong Kong. They are often enjoyed as a snack or dessert, paired with a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea. Egg tarts can be served warm or chilled, and both variations have their own appeal. When warm, the custard becomes slightly gooey and the crust is extra flaky. When chilled, the custard sets to a smooth and silky texture.


Be sure to try both the traditional egg tart and the Portuguese-inspired Macau-style egg tart. The Macau-style version features a caramelized top, adding an extra layer of flavor and a beautiful golden hue. Some bakeries in Hong Kong offer a combination of both styles, giving you the chance to experience the best of both worlds.


Egg tarts are not just a delicious treat, but they also make for a fantastic food souvenir from Hong Kong. Many bakeries offer them in a convenient-to-pack box, making them an ideal gift to bring back home. Whether you enjoy them during your trip or savor them later, these iconic egg tarts will transport you back to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong with every bite.


Pineapple Buns

Despite their name, pineapple buns (or bo lo bao) do not actually contain any pineapple. These sweet, pillowy buns are a beloved classic in Hong Kong’s culinary scene and are a must-try for any food enthusiast visiting the city.


What makes pineapple buns unique is their distinct appearance. The golden-brown crust on top of the bun resembles the texture of a pineapple’s skin, hence the name. Inside, you’ll find a soft, fluffy bread that pairs perfectly with a slab of butter tucked in the middle. It’s this combination of textures and flavors that sets pineapple buns apart.


Pineapple buns can be enjoyed at any time of the day. They are often eaten for breakfast or as a snack, paired with a cup of hot milk tea or coffee. You can find them in bakeries and cha chaan tengs (local cafes) all over Hong Kong.


To fully experience the joy of pineapple buns, try them fresh out of the oven when the crust is still warm and slightly crispy. The contrast between the crunchy crust and the soft, warm bread is simply delightful. The butter adds a layer of richness and flavor, complementing the slightly sweet bun.


If you want to take pineapple buns home as souvenirs, many bakeries offer packaged versions that can last for a few days. Just make sure to enjoy them as soon as possible for the best taste and texture.


Pineapple buns have become a symbol of Hong Kong’s unique culinary culture. Their popularity has spread beyond Hong Kong, and you can now find variations of them in other parts of Asia and even in Chinatowns around the world. However, nothing beats enjoying an authentic pineapple bun in the bustling streets of Hong Kong.


So, be sure to add pineapple buns to your list of food souvenirs from Hong Kong. They make for a tasty snack and a unique gift that will surely bring a smile to the faces of friends and family back home.


Wife Cakes

One of the most delightful and traditional pastries to bring back as a food souvenir from Hong Kong is the famous wife cake, also known as “lao po bing” in Cantonese. These flaky pastries have a sweet and nutty filling and are a true delight to the taste buds.


Legend has it that the wife cake got its name from a husband who wanted to create a delicious treat for his wife. He invented the recipe and the wife cake became a symbol of love and affection in Hong Kong. Today, these delectable pastries are a popular delicacy enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.


The wife cake features a thin and flaky pastry crust that encases a filling made from a mixture of winter melon, almond paste, and sesame seeds. The winter melon provides a subtle sweetness and a refreshing taste, while the almond paste adds a distinct nutty flavor. The combination of textures and flavors makes each bite of the wife cake a delightful experience.


You can find wife cakes in bakeries and specialty shops throughout Hong Kong. Make sure to try them fresh to fully appreciate their mouthwatering taste and crisp texture. Some shops even offer variations with different fillings, such as lotus seed paste or black sesame paste, adding an extra layer of flavor to this iconic treat.


Wife cakes are often enjoyed with a hot cup of Chinese tea, which helps balance the sweetness of the pastry. They are the perfect indulgence for tea time or as a dessert after a delicious meal.


When it comes to bringing wife cakes back as souvenirs, many bakeries offer them in beautiful gift boxes, making them an ideal gift for family and friends. The packaging not only protects the delicate pastries but also adds an element of elegance and thoughtfulness to your gift.


So, be sure to add wife cakes to your list of food souvenirs from Hong Kong. These delightful pastries will not only satisfy your cravings for something sweet but also allow you to share a taste of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage with your loved ones.


Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea

If you’re a tea lover, then Hong Kong-style milk tea is a beverage you can’t miss. Known for its strong and aromatic flavors, this distinct type of tea has become a staple in Hong Kong’s culinary culture.


Hong Kong-style milk tea, also known as “silk stocking milk tea,” is made by straining strong black tea multiple times through a cloth bag, similar to the process of pouring tea through a silk stocking. This method ensures a smooth and silky texture while removing any impurities.


The tea leaves used in Hong Kong-style milk tea are typically a blend of Ceylon and Assam tea, giving it a robust and full-bodied taste. It is then mixed with evaporated milk or condensed milk, which adds creaminess and a hint of sweetness to balance out the strong tea flavor.


What makes Hong Kong-style milk tea truly special is the “pulling technique” used by tea masters. To achieve the perfect frothy texture, they pour the tea back and forth repeatedly between the cup and a long-spouted metal container. This process aerates the tea and creates a creamy top layer, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


You can find Hong Kong-style milk tea in tea houses, cha chaan tengs, and traditional cafes all over Hong Kong. It is often enjoyed with a hearty breakfast or as a refreshing beverage throughout the day. Pair it with some buttered toast or a pineapple bun for the ultimate Hong Kong-style breakfast experience.


Bringing Hong Kong-style milk tea back as a food souvenir may not be feasible due to its perishability. However, you can recreate the experience at home by purchasing Hong Kong-style milk tea sachets or loose tea leaves from local tea shops. Simply brew the tea with hot water and add milk and sugar to your preference.


Whether you enjoy it in Hong Kong or brew it at home, Hong Kong-style milk tea is a delightful and distinct beverage that embodies the rich flavors and cultural heritage of this vibrant city.


So, be sure to savor a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea during your visit and consider bringing some tea leaves or sachets back home to continue enjoying this unique and satisfying drink.


Malted Candy

For those with a sweet tooth, malted candy is a unique and delightful treat to bring back as a food souvenir from Hong Kong. This beloved candy is made from toasted malted grains, giving it a distinct flavor and texture that is both sweet and savory.


Malted candy has a long history in Hong Kong and holds a special place in the hearts of locals. The process of making malted candy involves toasting malted grains and compressing them into bite-sized candies. The result is a crunchy and crumbly texture with a rich, malty flavor that is both satisfying and addictive.


One of the most popular variations of malted candy is “Horlicks candy,” inspired by the beloved Horlicks malted milk drink. These candies are available in different flavors such as original malt, chocolate, or coffee, offering a range of taste experiences.


One of the unique aspects of malted candy is its versatility. Apart from enjoying it as a sweet treat on its own, malted candy can also be used as an ingredient in baking or as a topping for desserts. They add a delightful crunch and a hint of maltiness to cookies, cakes, and ice cream.


In Hong Kong, you can find malted candy in local confectionery shops, traditional sweet stores, and even some grocery stores. They often come in small bags or tins, making them convenient to carry and perfect for gifting.


When it comes to bringing malted candy back as a souvenir, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness and quality. They make for a delicious and unique gift that will surprise and delight your friends and family.


So, don’t forget to grab some malted candy during your time in Hong Kong and experience the irresistible combination of sweet and savory flavors that this delightful treat has to offer.


Dried Seafood

One of the unique food souvenirs you can bring back from Hong Kong is dried seafood. Known for its quality and variety, dried seafood is a cherished ingredient in local cuisine and has a long history in Chinese cooking.


In Hong Kong, you will find a wide range of dried seafood options, including dried fish, shrimp, abalone, scallops, and more. These products are prepared by drying them under the sun or using specialized drying methods, which enhance their flavors and increase their shelf life.


Dried seafood holds a special place in traditional Chinese cooking and is often used to add depth and umami to dishes. The dried fish, for example, can be used to make flavorful broths or stir-fried with vegetables for a light and savory meal.


Visiting a dried seafood market is a unique experience in itself. The vibrant markets are filled with an array of seafood displayed in glass jars and woven baskets. Take your time to explore the different stalls, inhale the distinct aroma of the dried seafood, and engage with the knowledgeable vendors who can offer insights and recommendations.


When purchasing dried seafood as souvenirs, opt for properly packaged and sealed products to ensure their quality and longevity. You can find these in specialty shops or department stores, where they often come in attractive gift boxes.


Bringing dried seafood back home allows you to infuse your own culinary creations with the flavors of Hong Kong. From soups and stews to stir-fries and rice dishes, the addition of dried seafood will elevate your dishes and give them that unique touch.


It’s important to note that some countries may have restrictions on importing dried seafood, so be sure to check the customs regulations of your destination before packing them. You can also consider purchasing vacuum-sealed or smaller quantities for easier transportation.


Whether you’re a seafood lover or simply looking to add a taste of Hong Kong to your cooking, dried seafood makes for a memorable and distinctive food souvenir. So, explore the bustling markets and bring home a piece of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage.


Chinese Herbal Tea

For a taste of traditional Chinese medicine and an aromatic sensory experience, consider bringing back Chinese herbal tea as a food souvenir from Hong Kong. Chinese herbal tea, also known as “leng cha” in Cantonese, has been used for centuries to promote health and well-being.


Chinese herbal tea is made by brewing a combination of various dried herbs, roots, flowers, and fruits. Each blend is carefully formulated to have specific health benefits and therapeutic properties. The teas can target a range of health concerns, such as digestion, detoxification, or soothing a sore throat.


Drinking Chinese herbal tea is not only considered a way to stay healthy but also a cultural practice deeply rooted in Chinese traditions. It is believed that the herbs used in these teas can help restore balance and harmony in the body, promoting overall wellness.


In Hong Kong, you can find Chinese herbal tea shops or herbal medicine halls that specialize in a wide selection of herbal blends. The vendors are knowledgeable and can guide you in choosing the right blend based on your needs or preferences.


Chinese herbal tea is typically consumed hot. The brewing process often involves steeping the herbs in boiling water for a few minutes before drinking. The resulting beverage has a distinct aroma and flavor profile, ranging from earthy and bitter to floral and sweet.


Whether you’re a fan of herbal remedies or simply curious about Chinese traditions, Chinese herbal tea offers a unique and memorable experience. It’s an opportunity to discover a different aspect of Hong Kong’s culture and bring back a taste of its medicinal heritage.


When selecting Chinese herbal tea as a souvenir, consider the packaging and shelf life of the tea blends. Opt for packaging that is airtight and retains the freshness of the herbs. Some blends may come in tea bags for convenience, while others are loose leaves that require a tea infuser or strainer.


Enjoy the therapeutic benefits and soothing flavors of Chinese herbal tea as you incorporate it into your daily routine. Share it with family and friends, or savor it as a special treat for yourself.


With Chinese herbal tea, you’re not only bringing back a food souvenir from Hong Kong, but also a centuries-old tradition that can nurture body and mind.


Preserved Fruits

Preserved fruits are a delightful and healthy food souvenir to bring back from Hong Kong. These treats are made by carefully preserving fruits, often using a combination of sugar and salt, resulting in a unique balance of sweet and tangy flavors.


Hong Kong’s preserved fruits come in a variety of types and flavors. You can find classics like dried mangoes, preserved plums, and candied kumquats, among others. Each fruit is meticulously prepared and preserved to retain their natural flavors and textures.


Preserved fruits have a long history in Chinese cuisine, dating back to ancient times when they were used as a way to enjoy fruits during the off-season. Today, they are enjoyed as snacks, desserts, or additions to various dishes.


The process of making preserved fruits involves meticulously selecting fresh and ripe fruits, which are then treated and cooked in a sugar or salt solution. This process enhances their flavors, adds a sweet or tangy taste, and prolongs their shelf life.


Hong Kong’s preserved fruits are not overly sweet, making them a healthier option compared to candies or other sugary treats. They provide a burst of natural fruit flavors that are both refreshing and satisfying.


Preserved fruits can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or used creatively in cooking and baking. They can be added to trail mixes, used as toppings for desserts, or incorporated into savory dishes to add a touch of sweetness and acidity.


When choosing preserved fruits as a souvenir, consider the packaging and ensure that it is properly sealed to maintain the freshness of the fruits. Look for established brands or reputable shops to ensure the quality and authenticity of the preserved fruits.


Preserved fruits make a wonderful gift to share with family and friends or to enjoy as a special treat for yourself. Their unique flavors and textures serve as a reminder of the vibrant and diverse culinary culture of Hong Kong.


So, venture into the shops and markets of Hong Kong and pick up some preserved fruits to bring back home. Allow your taste buds to explore the delightful combination of sweetness and tanginess that these fruits offer.


BBQ Pork (Char Siu)

When it comes to iconic Hong Kong cuisine, BBQ pork, known as “Char Siu,” takes center stage. This succulent and flavorful meat is a must-try and a fantastic food souvenir to bring back from your Hong Kong adventure.


Char Siu is made by marinating strips of pork in a delicious blend of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey, Chinese five-spice powder, and other spices. The meat is then roasted or barbecued, resulting in tender, juicy, and caramelized pork with a mouthwatering aroma.


The hallmark of a good Char Siu is the balance between sweet and savory flavors. The marinade creates a sticky glaze on the meat, giving it a beautiful red hue and a charred exterior. The inside remains tender and packed with flavor.


In Hong Kong, you can find Char Siu in many local restaurants, BBQ eateries, and even street food stalls. It is commonly served with a side of fluffy white rice or incorporated into noodle dishes like Char Siu noodles. The meat’s rich flavors and tender texture make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.


When it comes to bringing back Char Siu as a food souvenir, you have a few options. Some restaurants and BBQ shops sell pre-packaged Char Siu, allowing you to enjoy it at home. Others offer vacuum-sealed or dried versions, which are perfect for long-distance travel and can be easily reheated or rehydrated.


Whether you enjoy Char Siu during your trip or bring it back home, it can be a versatile ingredient in your cooking. You can use it as a filling for steamed buns, incorporate it into fried rice, or add it as a topping for noodles or salads.


Char Siu is not just a delicious meat, but also a representation of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage. It has gained international recognition and is a symbol of the city’s vibrant food scene.


So, don’t miss the chance to savor this mouthwatering BBQ pork in Hong Kong and consider bringing some Char Siu back as a food souvenir. It will transport you back to the bustling streets of Hong Kong and add a touch of deliciousness to your culinary adventures.


Bean Curd Pudding (Tau Fu Fa)

One of the most beloved and comforting desserts in Hong Kong is bean curd pudding, also known as “Tau Fu Fa” in Cantonese. This silky smooth dessert is made from soybeans and has a delicate flavor that is both refreshing and satisfying.


Tau Fu Fa is made by coagulating fresh soy milk with gypsum or gelatin, resulting in a soft and silky texture that melts in your mouth. It is often served warm and can be enjoyed plain or with a sweet syrup, typically made from sugar or ginger.


What makes Tau Fu Fa unique is its simplicity. The dessert is typically served in small bowls, allowing the custard-like pudding to take center stage. The smooth and creamy texture, coupled with the subtle sweetness, makes it a favorite among locals and visitors looking for a light and refreshing dessert.


You can find Tau Fu Fa in dessert shops, local market stalls, or even specialty tofu stores in Hong Kong. Some places offer a variety of toppings, such as red bean paste, grass jelly, or fruits, to elevate the flavor and add texture to the pudding.


Tau Fu Fa is not only enjoyed as a dessert but is also believed to have health benefits. Soybeans are rich in protein and contain essential amino acids, making Tau Fu Fa a nutritious and guilt-free treat.


When it comes to bringing back Tau Fu Fa as a food souvenir, it is best enjoyed fresh and is not suitable for long-distance travel due to its perishable nature. However, you can still find instant Tau Fu Fa mix or powdered versions that can be easily prepared at home.


Indulging in a bowl of Tau Fu Fa allows you to experience the delicate flavors and smooth texture that is unique to Hong Kong’s culinary scene. It’s a dessert that encapsulates the simplicity and elegance of Cantonese cuisine.


So, during your time in Hong Kong, don’t miss the chance to savor the silky goodness of Tau Fu Fa and bring back the memories of this delightful dessert as a food souvenir.



Hong Kong is a city that is not only known for its stunning skyline and vibrant culture but also for its delectable and diverse culinary scene. When it comes to food souvenirs, Hong Kong offers a wide array of options that capture the essence of the city’s flavors and traditions. From sweet pastries to savory delicacies, there is something to suit every palate.


Whether you’re indulging in the flaky goodness of egg tarts, savoring the unique taste of pineapple buns, or enjoying the rich flavors of BBQ pork and milk tea, these food souvenirs offer a tantalizing glimpse into the culinary heritage of Hong Kong. They allow you to take a piece of this vibrant city back home with you and share its unique flavors with your loved ones.


Don’t forget to explore the world of preserved fruits, dried seafood, Chinese herbal tea, malted candy, and bean curd pudding during your visit. Each of these food souvenirs offers its own distinctive taste and cultural significance, reflecting the diverse influences that shape Hong Kong’s culinary landscape.


As you search for the perfect food souvenirs, keep in mind the freshness and packaging of the products. Some items, like egg tarts and BBQ pork, may be best enjoyed during your trip, while others, like preserved fruits or dried seafood, can be easily packed and brought back home to savor at a later time.


Food souvenirs from Hong Kong not only please the taste buds but also serve as a connection to the city’s vibrant food culture, making them meaningful keepsakes of your travel experience. Whether you’re exploring the bustling markets, browsing through charming bakeries, or dining in local eateries, the culinary delights of Hong Kong will leave a lasting impression.


So, immerse yourself in the flavors of Hong Kong and embark on a gastronomic adventure as you bring back these delectable food souvenirs from the captivating city. Let the tastes and aromas transport you back to the lively streets and bustling markets of Hong Kong long after your trip has ended.