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An avid traveler who's refuse to press on the break when it comes to travel. Visited more than 20 countries, 30 cities, she munches her way around the world and trying her best to leave a little sparkle everywhere she goes. She's now living her life quote where 'Life is too short to stay in one place, so BRB.'
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10 Must Do Things In Hvar, Croatia

When people talk about Croatia, their first thought usually involves the city of Dubrovnik. And who can blame them? Apart from its association with HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the city is known for its impressive stone walls and remarkable Old Town.   However, many overlook the equally mesmerizing Hvar, Croatia. Hillsides shrouded with forests, vineyards, […]

Must-Try Tokyo Sushi Joints In Japan

Sushi is more than just a flavorful dish. It is a cultural phenomenon. From roadside stalls to Michelin-star restaurants, sushi joints are everywhere. But nothing beats the true taste of Tokyo sushi. In fact, Tokyo streets are the home of the sushi we love so much. The fish-on-rice variation is known in Japanese food culture […]

11 Amazing Things To Do In Maine, US

Maine really is quintessential New England. Wedged into the uppermost corner of the northeastern United States, it ranges from the Canadian border to the forests and hills of New Hampshire. Within its whopping 35,000 square miles of territory, you’ll encounter softly sculpted Maine’s mountains dashed with pine forests, valleys sprinkled with quaint farming hamlets.   […]