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Winter is here! Check out the winter wonderlands at these 5 amazing winter destinations in Montana

Fakespot Grades

We pride ourselves in picking out only the best and most reliable of products for your selection. Fake reviews are commonplace these days, but with Fakespot, it’s never been easier to identify products that are the real deal. Fakespot does this by analyzing the reviews made by users using a set of patented algorithms. Here’s the breakdown of the Fakespot grades from best to worst:



Grade A/B:

gradeA - Fakespot GradesgradeB - Fakespot Grades

Most reviews are trustworthy – purchase with peace of mind



Grade C:

gradeC - Fakespot Grades

Mix of fake and trustworthy reviews



Grade D/F:

gradeD - Fakespot GradesgradeF - Fakespot Grades

Most reviews are unreliable – proceed with caution