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10 Best Castles In England You’ve Never Heard About

Want to do something fun this weekend but aren’t sure of where to go or what to do? Perhaps your weekends have slowly become a predictable routine: either fixating on Netflix from morning to dusk, or running errands and completing chores, almost on autopilot. This weekend, why not treat yourself to something different?   England’s […]

Your Guide To The Northern Lights Iceland

The Northern Lights, visible from northern latitudes during winter and neighbouring seasons, are an unforgettable divine spectacle. In fact, famed Aurora Borealis is a violent storm that rages hundreds of kilometres above Earth.   Besides Iceland, the best places to see the Northern Lights are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Alaska (the USA), and Canada. However, searching […]

10 Castles In Scotland That You Should Visit

No vacation to Scotland is complete without visiting the country’s many castles. Rich in history and architecture, all of Scotland’s castles have a story to tell. Each castle also comes with a different architectural style ranging from Gothic to Scottish Baronial.   Visiting these castles will transport you back to certain periods in Scotland’s history […]