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15 Attractions to Visit in Macau

Macau’s unique blend of progressive Chinese culture with a dash of exotic Portuguese flavour has allowed this cosmopolitan Chinese area to become an increasingly popular destination amongst tourists. Millions of people flock to the glitzy and glamorous ‘Vegas of the East’ to take a seat at the poker table, push pennies in the slot machines […]

The Complete Travel Guide To Canggu, Bali

If you’re already planning to go to Bali, Indonesia, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Canggu. It’s currently earning global attention from travelers around the world because of its laid-back vibe.   Besides, Canggu Bali has the most remarkable surfing spots and crystal clear waters. While for party-goers, there are unlimited beach bars, […]

5 Best Places to Stay in Malta

Malta is a group of European islands located between Sicily and Northern Africa. The island’s capital is Valletta. The country is becoming increasingly popular with visitors for the vast history contained within its borders, as well as treks available on its less inhabited, more rural islands. You’ll find plenty of places to stay in Malta […]