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Filipino Food: Top 15 Delicious And Exotic Dishes To Try

Going on adventures in other countries should not be limited to only visiting historical sites or taking pictures in Instagram-worthy locations. It’s also the best time to take your palate on an adventure. One of the best parts about traveling is having the opportunity to experience new cuisines. Filipino food is no different!   While […]

15 Best Things To Do In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Known affectionately as Philly, Philadelphia is a city rich with history, art and food.  Playing a significant role in American history, there is an endless list of historical sites and museums to bring you back in time. Furthermore, art lovers will be immersed in the fabulous art collections at various museums, awesome public art displays […]

The Great Gatsby, South Africa’s Best Sandwich

One of the perks of travelling is tasting the local food. That means when you’re in Cape Town, you’ll have to try the very famous ‘Great Gatsby’. We could talk about many South Africa foods, but the one everyone always wants to try is this sandwich.   So, to prepare you for this culinary experience […]

Indian Food: 5 Tastes You Must Experience In Mumbai

Indian food is as inexplicably extraordinary and diverse as India! Not only is Indian food a symphony of rich flavours, unforgettable textures, numbing heat, melting sweetness and unpredictably, enjoyable bitterness, it is also one of the most loved cuisines in the world.   Home to diverse religions, languages and distinct cultures, India is the melting […]

6 Best Food Trucks in Brussels, Belgium

Most people visit Brussels in Belgium for the chocolate. But this beautiful, historical city also has a strong food truck culture to be explored. The food is varied, the quality is great, and they offer a wider range than you can get in any restaurant. So, if you want great snacks at a good price, […]

Myeongdong – Ultimate Guide To The Shopaholics Paradise

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is one of Asia’s best travel destinations. The city has many things to offer, including restaurants, history, nightlife, culture, and much more.   Stay until the end of this article to find out why Seoul and its most attractive district Myeongdong, is worth visiting.   Why You Should Take […]

Top 10 Peking Duck Houses Across America

If you live in the U.S. and you’re craving for Peking duck, you don’t have to tire yourself looking for it. There are numerous Peking duck houses across America where you can easily get your fill and get your craving satisfied. Are you ready to see which one you’ll be heading out to? Check out […]

15 Puerto Rican Foods You Must Try

Thinking about visiting exotic Puerto Rico? Here is a list of Puerto Rican foods that should be on your must-eat list.   Dreaming about the sunny beaches and the Spanish vibe of Puerto Rico? Planning on taking a trip to the exotic island soon? Wepa! Don’t forget that one of the main attractions of the […]