Africa & Middle East

The Egyptian wonders and the spectacular Victoria Falls aren’t the only reasons to visit this gigantic land. Go wild at the expansive national parks, get your feet dipped in the Nile or splurge extravagantly at the man-made islands. Regardless of where you go, a visual feast is simply inexorable.

Things To Do In Mauritius

Often called the Star of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a paradise surrounded by unspoiled beaches and the relaxing tune of Sega music. Once home to the extinct Dodo bird, Mauritius sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean with Madagascar in the east. It is also home to a wide variety of flora and […]

5 Best Weekend Getaways From Dubai

Dubai, the word itself brings glitz, glamour, extravagance, and endless shopping in our minds. Ever since this wonder in UAE has designed and built its record-breaking architectures and man-made islands, it has consistently become a favourite destination for people all around the globe.   You could go bike riding in the hot desert, take a […]

Things To Do In Abu Dhabi, UAE

United Arab Emirates — UAE is one of the most famous metropolitan countries in the Middle East. On contrary to its laid-back neighbouring country like Oman, UAE has a shocking ratio of expats to local Emiratis. By all means, dazzling skyscrapers and modern architectures can be spotted easily within the country. While many travellers were […]