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Sonia Pasupathy

A pocket-sized writer with a penchant for collecting ticket stubs. I spend my days tucked away in cafes while my fingers dance across my keyboard, telling tales of my most recent escapades.
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Where Is Singapore And What Can I Expect?

If you’re thinking of visiting the sunny island of Singapore, you might be plagued by a series of questions. We’re here to clear up any doubts you might have before you start booking those tickets. Is it a country? Is it an island, a city?    Am I going to be detained and have my passport […]

A Guide To Understanding Your Sushi Menu When In Japan

If you’re planning your next vacation to the very charming Japan, you’re definitely going to be indulging in some of the best sushi you will ever try.   It’s normal to feel a little intimidated when you’re in a foreign country and trying things for the first time. We find this especially so in Japan […]

Things To Do In Mexico City

Most people see tacos, tequila, margaritas, and beautiful beaches when they think of Mexico City. While the above are true, there is so much more to Mexico City than just that. Mexico City is brimming with places to see, food to eat, and things to do. Let’s take a look at some of the things […]

Things To Do In Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel happens to be Mexico’s largest Caribbean island. While Cozumel offers an abundance of white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and brilliant blue seas, there is also so much more that’s worth exploring.   While it may tempting to spend your entire vacation laying on the beach, we think that you should definitely check out […]

Things To Do In Ottawa, Canada

Unlike Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, the city known as Ottawa seems to be a little less popular. However, Ottawa is, in fact, the capital of Canada and is probably one of the most underrated cities in Canada.   While you’re not wrong to think of maple syrup and the Niagara Falls, Canada is home to […]

Things To Do In Gold Coast, Australia

On the east side of Australia lies the Gold Coast, an area of pristine, unique nature. A golden sand coastline stretches far beyond the horizon of a surfing paradise. With 300 sunny days a year, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. The Gold Coast has so much to see, do, […]

The Best Things To Do In London

Culture, history, arts, entertainment and finance make London one of the world’s best-loved cities. We’ve collected our favourite attractions in – including insider tips for your visit and what to do in London for free.   Are you ready to explore London?   1. Ride The London Eye   This giant cantilevered observation wheel offers […]

Things To Do In Panama City

Since Panama City is the capital city of Panama, you can expect many tourist attractions and places worth visiting. Due to the abundance of beautiful places in Panama, you can expect to never have a dull moment when you visit. If you’re looking for a city that provide both comfort and excitement, Panama City just […]

Things To Do In Orlando, Florida

Often known as the Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando is located smack dab in the Sunshine State. However, while we all know Orlando is famous for its theme parks, especially Disney World and Universal Studios, you’ll be surprised by all the things you might have missed.   We’re sure that after you’re done […]