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Momchil Koychev

I, like many of you, love the outdoors... In the early age, I dropped out of university and started a successful freelance business by the age of 19 working out of my parent's house. Now, I'm a marketing strategist, helping divers & outdoor enthusiasts stand out from the competition and get a consistent flow of customers.
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Taksim Square In Istanbul – All You Need To Know

Possibly thought about exploring Istanbul’s culture and tradition? Or maybe you just want to contemplate and take pictures near fantastic sites and attractions?   If that’s the case, make sure Taksim Square is in the list of your “places to visit in Istanbul“.   In this article, we are going to take a look at […]

The Amsterdam Dungeon – Know More About The Historical Dungeon

History and horror go hand in hand when we speak of the Amsterdam dungeon. Of course, you might have heard about the London Dungeon that has many other names such as the York Dungeon, and Berlin dungeon.   These places have all something in common. The Amsterdam dungeon shows us a breathtaking view of life […]

Miniaturk In Istanbul – All You Need To Know

Did you anytime know that seeing all the incredible sights in Istanbul can possibly be done in a very few hours?    Well yes, that’s possible in Istanbul’s Miniaturk. Read further to know more about what is Miniaturk and why tourists flood to this place.    Miniaturk displays all the historical and current amazing places […]

Is Mary King’s Close In Edinburgh Haunted?

Possibly thought about visiting Scotland? Or particularly Edinburgh? One thing that you can be sure of is that Scotland is an amazing place and offers a lot of fantastic sites and attractions you can visit.  The city offers you so many places to visit. The highlights of Edinburgh are the Old Town part and Georgian […]

Myeongdong – Ultimate Guide To The Shopaholics Paradise

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is one of Asia’s best travel destinations. The city has many things to offer, including restaurants, history, nightlife, culture, and much more.   Stay until the end of this article to find out why Seoul and its most attractive district Myeongdong, is worth visiting.   Why You Should Take […]

Royal Yacht Britannia – Scotland’s Best Tourist Attraction, Why?

The Royal Yacht Britannia was built in 1953 and was retired in 1997 after its 44-years long splendid service. The boat now serves as one of the Scottish tourist attractions in Edinburgh. You can visit it any time without advance booking except for the month of August.   August is the month when Edinburgh’s festivals […]

Things To Do In Manila, Philippines

The capital of Philippines, Manila, is one of Asia’s most appreciated gems.   Manila has been capital of the country for about four hundred years. It is likewise the main point of the Philippines’ industrial development. The city resides on one of the most beautiful harbours not only in the Pacific ocean but also in […]

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag Liner?

You’ve probably heard of sleeping bags and how they can increase your night’s sleep quality. But you are missing one part of the whole process? You don’t feel your night experience fully comfortable and enjoyable. Sometimes at night, you feel a bit cold.   All of these problems come to an end when a sleeping […]

Why Sleeping Bags Are A Must Have In Your Backpack?

Do you feel cold while sleeping outdoors? Are you worried about your comfort while sleeping at night when you are camping? All of these problems have a straightforward solution and that’s a sleeping bag!   What Is A Sleeping Bag And How Does It Help You? If you haven’t heard of sleeping bags before or […]

Best Camping Cots To Relax After A Tiring Day

Heard of camping cots?   Then you will most probably have a preference where to sleep while going on a trip/journey. I guess no one likes to sleep on the ground, placing your head on small pebbles and making unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep. It can be really painful. So are you looking for a […]